I caught my Poltergeist and didn't even need a Priest or Ghostbusters!

Well…it’s time to eat some crow…

What I thought was Smartthings wasn’t. I was so sure it was based off all the forum (what I feel has become) propaganda that I mistakenly assumed that was the cause of my issues.

NOTE: V1 Hub V1 motion sensor in my basement laundry room. G.E. dimmer switches.

Problem #1:

I had lights coming on in my laundry room while at work despite my mode set to “Away” (no lights set to come on). It was almost always my downstairs laundry room lights (not always…see problem #2) where I have a motion detector set to ONLY turn off lights.

I had set the Smart Lights app to turn off the laundry room lights when in “Home” mode 5 min. after motions stops. For some reason when in “Away” mode my laundry room lights would receive an off command (likely from the cat) then an on command…stay on for 5 min…turn off…rinse repeat every time the cat went for food or the litter box.

Solution #1

Because I am still on V1 I still have the “Lights & Switches” selection on my dashboard. I moved this logic to the old app…problem solved.

Problem #2:

I’ve been slowly moving my smart bulbs over to dumb bulbs / smart switches. That being said I now have a balance of both scenarios while in transition.

I decided to give the “Double Duty” app a try as I was all giddy over my new switches (shamelessly I might add). I had this app installed on 4 different switches for additional (both on and off) commands.

Yep!..you guessed it. The additional ON/OFF commands that has reportedly been common with G.E. dimmer switches would randomly turn off lights and turn on lights (both smart switches and smart bulbs). The reason I did not initially put 2 & 2 together was that this would seemingly happen without any interaction with a switch…BUT…you have to remember which switch you give function of other switches / bulbs and what their primary trigger is! If the master is triggered by motion that can severely jack with your perception. I had other light switches / dumb bulb as well as smart bulbs on and off in a disco show at times!

Solution #2:

Removed the “Double Duty” app and bask in my sanity. Great app…wrong application.

Anyway…all of that was a long story (and yet another Smartthings lesson for Andrew) to…

A. Don’t believe everything you see / read / hear…including what I am typing here. Your results may vary. Don’t be sold your problems are Smartthings fault…don’t assume!

B. Look at your logs until you’re cross eyed…make sure what you are experiencing cannot be explained.

C. Don’t get frustrated. There is more than one way to skin a cat. If your mind is set you’ve had it than just go…no reason to ruin the experience for the rest of us.

That’s it…all my fault (well…preventable and correctable). Since these changes I’ve had no issues…and did I mention I love my switches?..and anyone want to donate an Echo?..you know…because you’re leaving, fed up, outta here? :wink:


thanks for the realistic followup. I am SHOCKED that ST is not the root of all evil lighting behaviour.


get it…boo?

I needed 20 characters…cut me some slack

Cats are the basis of many poltergeist stories! :kissing_cat:


Small dogs too! :dog:


I put some motion sensors pointing up at the ceiling, about “10 year old” waistheight. That eliminates most of the poltergiest/animal false positives, and only detects humans.


One would think a simple routine to change the mode would be sufficient and it iis except in this case. In this case the lights turned on regardless.

When home my cat kinda follows me around or is sleeping…so not really a problem.

That particular room I trigger lights on with door sensors to get around the issue. A weird one nonetheless!