I can't login to mobile ap

I even changed may password and it is still telling me I have the wrong email address or password. I can login on my laptop without issue, but can’t on my mobile and I can’t control my devices from the laptop. I’ve been out of the country for 3 days and have been turning my home lights on & off, but now I’n stuck out of the country for another 3 weeks without control.

Is the email address & password for this site the same as the app?


But the App is the same password as http://graph.api.smartthings.com where you will find a password reset option.

Thanks, but I don’t see anywhere to reset a password there.

I’ve reset my password from within the app twice now, but still can’t login. Sent a message to support, but we all know how long that can take to get a non-automated response.

First select “Log In”…

Then select Forgot Password:

Or: Go directly to this URL: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/register/forgotPassword

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That worked.

Thank you so much!

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