I can't et my first sensor connected

I have lend a Hub vr 1 from a friend to test and see if it will work for me.
I have however not been able to pair my first aeon micro switch G2.

I have been able to connect my sonos so the hub seems to be working. The switch however seems to pair as it flashes 5 times and then goes off to turn to on after 2 seconds. When pressing down the button on it for 20 seconds it goes to a continuous blink indicating no pairing. So this also seems to work. When i den ask the app to look for a device nothing happens. I toggle the switch on mu micro g2 it flashes 5 times and then goes off and after 2 seconds to on. It seems to have paired.

I am however not able to see it in my app.

What is wrong, where do I go wrong? is there a difference in frequencies for US and European Hubs, this is a us VR 1 HUB and i use an eu aeon switch?


Yes there is a difference between US and EU hubs frequency. They are not compatible as far as I know.

Thx. Bernie. I think my Smart Things connects but am not able to see it in the app. Will need to look further or just swap to Homeseer as it seems to be working with most of my IOT devices.