I cannot add any new rooms for the dumbest reason ever

When I try to add a Room, the save button is behind my android Navigation menu.

I literally cannot click the save button. This is a Samsung Note9.

If anyone has a solution, please let me know.

And I’ll be honest, If I’m going to have to change my menu, something I literally use 1000x a day, I am probably just gonna throw in the towel with ST and move to one of the other platforms.

Just set your navigation to autohide

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Not possible with note9 and android pie.

I would have to switch from buttons to gestures, and I don’t want to do that.

Just add your rooms and then switch it back on

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I also have a 9 and could add a room no issue.

A pragmatic and sensible answer-

However, when I was writing this, I thought I was being blocked from adding/editing a device (which is what I was doing when I added a “new” room during a device setup). I think it’s OK to have to do what you said to add a room/group, but not if I have to do it to edit a device (which I probably do weekly).