I appear to have my phone listed 3 times in the devices list

Anyone any idea what is going on?
They all have the same Device Network Id.
I removed 2 of them yesterday, but they are back in the list

Was really looking forward to the launch of ST2 in uk, but am left feeling that it is a bit half baked and not really there yet.
All a bit underwhelming.

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I have the same phone twice as well and cant quite work out how to remove one but will not bother if it comes back. Hope they don’t increase though otherwise it could get unmanageable.

Got my ST2 yesterday, in general all god apart from two ST sensors did not pair easily, I can get motion to turn on a Hue Lux light but the inactivity timer does not!

Also why are the clocks and the actual time different, the face is 24h but when you say OK its AM and PM and entering 23:59 is impossible.

Under Smart Home monitor I somehow go an option under security for for Leaks, cant fathom how that got created or even how to remove.

I’ve been getting the odd duplicate too for Smart App rather than Devices but I’ve been able to remove them via the SmartThings developers’ web console. You can remove devices by it too but I can’t confirm whether or not this will work with duplicates.