Hyperion Ambient Lighting

Hi all

I just added the DH from @Kristopher_Kubicki from here:

I’m only a couple of days into my ST journey so there are still things I don’t get. In the Gitgub readme, it says:

“Once you have the controller enabled, just add the IP address and Port to the device in your SmartThings preferences”.

This is where I’m stuck. Obviously, I know what the IP address and port is but I just don’t know where I need to enter it in ST or how to get it onto my dashboard.

Any help would be gratefully received.


from the classic app, go to the device’s page and tap the gear icon in the upper right.

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Thanks guys. I managed to sort it in the end but it was late!

After I added the device handler, rather than use the app to detect anything, I had to add a new device through the IDE manually. Once I’d done that and selected the Hyperion device handler, there was a section to add in the IP address and port for my Pi running Hyperion. Went back to the app and there it was!

Did this end up working for you? I added the dth, device, and put in the IP address. I can control with Android app fine, but no luck with ST.

Yes. It did at the time, as I recall. But I nicked the SD card for a project I was impatient about and haven’t had the chance to resurrect it. To be honest, I’m not sure I really had a use for it in ST. It worked with the TV to do what it was supposed to do so I rarely touched it.

I can control with the Hyperion Android app, added the dth and device, and can enter the IP/port, but no response.

Anyone have any idea where to start?

If you can wait a day or 2, I’m just about to rebuild mine. I was going to buy an Ambilight TV on a Black Friday special but that would mean new TV, new sound bar, new cabinet so I decided that a MicroSD card and a few hours of playing would be cheaper!

Of course, I might end up in the same position as you’re in.

Sounds great! Let me know if I can help.

I’ve used both lightberry’s “LibreElec” image for pi 3B+ and the latest “Raspbian Buster Lite” (installing hyperion with hypercon) and they’ve worked great. (using APA102 and GPIO)

Just missing this smart app integration into smart things…I would love to be able to turn it on and off with my routines and google home, etc.