Humidity: Which Sensor Do I Trust?

(Sully) #1

I’ve got two humidity sensors at the moment, an Aeon multisensor and a 2Gig CT100. They are in fairly close proximity, but there’s about a 15% difference in the readings. Which is probably more accurate? And is there a good way to test humidity to tell what it actually is? Even a non-smart cheapo reader from Amazon or something…

Just trying to figure out which sensor is more trustworthy given that one is pretty much at the bottom of the recommended range and the other is at the top of it, at the moment.

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!


If you dont have a trustworthy gauge to compare to you have to do the 3 tests. (32, 43 and 75 %) Not very practical for the ct100 but you could do the multisensor no problems. Check this out…

Some may tell you to just do the 75% test (its the easiest) but imo that only tell you nothing. Might be fine at 75% and totally out of whack at 40%