Humidity Sensor For Humidor

I am looking for suggestions for a small battery powered humidity sensor. I received a tote style box of mixed matches cigars for Christmas and there’s a humidification pack inside that essentially turns the box into a humidor. I need to change the pack every so often when it gets below 60% humidity so I would like to place the sensor inside and have it notify when it gets below a certain percentage preferably through SmartThings but Alexa would work as well.

I use the Sonoff SNZB-02 and it works very well.
I use it as a thermostat and the battery has been there for 2 years and is still at 78%

I bought 4 very cheap last week
SONOFF SNZB 02 eWeLink Smart Home Gadgets ZigBee, Sensor de temperatura, Detector de humedad

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