Humidifier for mini fridge?

I’m new here and have recently heard about smartthings in general. I understand how it works, although I’m not sure what is and isn’t compatible. I have a special mini fridge for drying aging meat. It precisely controls temperature, air flow, even uvc bulbs. I want to control the humidity. One thing I have is called a “sensorpush”. Basically a precise wireless thermometer/hydrometer that wirelessly connects to my phone. I can set limits where I receive push notifications warning me if the humidity is too high/low. MY QUESTION IS, would I be able to use these notifications… Or even the sensorpush app, to control a smartthings outlet? My idea would be to have a small humidifier plugged in to raise the humidity. Is something like this possible with smartthings?

People certainly do something similar, but with other devices. We have one community member who has a cheese cave, a number who have brewing equipment, and at least one who has a meat dryer. They use different humidity sensors to turn various equipment on and off.

As far as the specific one that you are using now, there’s no direct integration with smartthings.

I see from the company FAQ that they are considering an eventual echo or IFTTT integration, but don’t have one yet. So there really isn’t a lot of integration possible at this time.

Are you using an iOS phone or an android phone? There might be a way to capture the notifications and do something with that, but it just depends on the exact details.

Here’s a recent example of one of the projects I was talking about (this is a clickable link)

@JDRoberts thank you for the reply. I am using Android. Samsung s8+. This device I’m using is just something I currently have in the fridge. Completely open to other products.

We should also say that smartthings is OK if you’re just doing this as a hobby, but it’s not reliable enough if this is a business application or something where it would really be a disaster if it didn’t work properly. So as I think about it, and I didn’t say this last time, I would be a little nervous because of the potential health implications if the meat got spoiled. That’s not as big of an issue with wine or cheese because although the product can get spoiled, it doesn’t usually make the person sick because the spoilage is obvious.

Read the terms of use, and you’ll see what I mean:

Smartthings can and does glitch from time to time, so you need to understand what those issues are for a project like this.

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