Hue White Ambience A19 bulb - dim except at 4000K setting?

Was just looking at the Hue Ambience bulb thinking it might work for my wife, who likes to change between a whiter light and a softer light depending on the time of day.

Thought that the Hue Ambience A19 might work, but the lumens look pretty bad at settings aside from 4000K. Info from the specs on the Phillips Hue site below.

How do these look in real life? The numbers below seem to indicate that at soft-white setting it’s going to be pretty hard to use as a reading light in the evening. Thanks.

White Ambiance A19 - Gen 2 Lumen Output

800 lm @ 4000K
400 lm @ 2200K
570 lm @ 2700K
480 lm @ 6500K
80 lm/W luminous efficacy @4000K

80 CRI from 2000–4000K