Hue trigger from Fibaro micro module? (UK)

ah. that’s because your scene isn’t changing away from 26. So you get an initial ‘change’ sent, but then it’s just resending the ‘26’ code. I haven’t hit that yet because I’m using a toggle switch (scenes 20 and 21).

Will have a think, unless anyone else has already solved this?

Tagging @anon36505037 (for Fibaro knowledge) and @ady624 - the issue @npalfrey has is that on any press the dimmer sends ‘Scene: 26’, so the first press works, but subsequent presses don’t register as a ‘change’ in Webcore, because it’s still 26. Off the top of my head, is there any way for either
a) webcore to listen for a resent Scene, or
b) the dimmer to ‘reset’ its scene value after a press?

If not, I’ve made a modified handler which exposes two virtual ‘buttons’ which webcore (or smartlighting) can then use as a trigger, but it’s not set up for a momentary switch at the moment.

@jymbob thank you :slight_smile:

I think there are filters in webCoRE to remove rapidly succeeding messages with the same value - while this can’t be removed (would be a major change that could lead to a lot of people having unexpected consequences) - it can surely be added as a piston option so that the filter can be disabled. Will look into it.

@anon36505037 - happy birthday and a job well done!

Works perfectly


p.s. apologies in advance there are more coming…

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:+1: Every day’s a school day. Is the ‘subscribe’ feature documented anywhere? Looks powerful.

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