Hue Sync on AndroidTV

Does anyone here use the hue lightshow/sync feature?

Trying to get it to work on my Nvidia Shield instead of PC. I sideloaded the Hue Ambilight app but it needs to be manually turned on to use and the lights didn’t really change based on my screen.

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I have the app installed on my Shield TV and for the most part, it works pretty well with YouTube and Kodi.
The app is limited in that you can’t determine how many colors it can “see” and you can’t adjust how fast or slow to make the changes. Sometimes, you get this strobing effect and that can be a little disconcerting while you try to watch something that has a lot of scene changes.

Locked apps like Netflix or Prime Video will not work. The only thing that I know that works with those apps are ambilight apps that install onto a smartphone and the smartphone uses its camera to view the screen to change colors.

Doesn’t seem like it works with plex. There isn’t really any settings just which lights and on and off.

Do you have this automated. Start the app when something happens? Since you have to press start I ran into a roadblock. Autoinput doesn’t work on the shield afaik

This would be a great feature, but seems like there’s nothing in the pipeline that actually works well.

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I installed an app (I forget the name) that will autoload on boot up but it doesn’t seem very consistent. Also, the ambilight app crashes sometimes. There really is no good solution to this feature. I’m hoping that Phillips will bring their Hue Sync software to the Shield TV someday soon.

I know this doesn’t address the hue aspect… yet? but there is a device that I use that is located here:
Anything you plug into it via HDMI works… FireTVs, shields, PCs, game consoles, etc.
The HD version is awesome!!!, I understand they are working through HDR whitewashing on the 4K model.
They also say they are looking into a device that will incorporate Hue, harmony and various other platforms.

Maybe worth a look.
I have owned the HD version for 6 months now and can’t imagine watching anything without it.

I don’t work for them, I just love this product and if they do include support for Hue etc in the future… all the better.

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Thanks. I saw that but I’m already down the rabbit hole with my hue devices

I have a dreamscreen 4k, it’s pretty amazing! They haven’t developed the API for linking up to Philips Hue or anything else yet. Would also like the ability to do things like only turn it on when it’s after dark etc. but the team are still fixing a few issues with 4K HDR outputs interrupting the colour sequences.