Hue soft white starter kit $55 through Alexa

One of today’s Alexa deals is Hue starter kit. V2 Hue Hub and 2 800 Lumen soft white bulbs. $69 less $15 Alexa deal discount.
Get another $5 instant rebate via Amazon GC code if this is our first voice purchase this promo period.

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Not sure if this sold out already but I don’t see it listed as an Alexa deal. Only Alexa deals qualify for the additional $5.

Thanks. It doesn’t seem to show up for me. Might be because I bought one a bit ago.

Mine came up as $47.37 after tax. Alexa -$15 Courtesy credit -$10

I’m thinking of buying this mainly just to upgrade my Hue V1 hub. Not sure if there’s any big advantage to upgrade it. But, will that fix my one problem?

I now have 2 Hue apps on my iPad. The old one is a B&W icon that works and the other one is a color icon that can’t connect to my Hue hub. I think that new Hue app worked at one time, but can never get if to find my V1 Hue hub now.