Hue Motion Sensors with SmartThings?

Your option 2 is impossible: the Hue app can only work with devices connected to the Hue bridge.

For your option 1,

The DTH in this thread does not work, Because it is based on connecting the sensor directly to the ST hub and not using the Hue bridge. (And again, the hue app requires that the devices be connected to the Hue bridge).

To have the sensor work with both the Hue app and the SmartThings app, You would need to try the code from the “accessories” thread, and I don’t know if that works with the outdoor sensor or not. (It was written for the indoor sensor.)

[BETA] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch)

For option 3, different DTHs have somewhat different features so you just need to find the one that works best for you.

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