Hue Motion sensors freezing, or becoming unresponsive - direct connection to Smartthings

Hi all,

I have Hue Motion sensors connected directly to Smartthings - never linked to hue bridge and they have been very reliable so far - but in recent days they keep getting stuck /or become unresponsive… and I wondered if this was because the hub was being overloaded and packets of instructions were getting lost /undelivered, or maybe the Zigbee mesh is not strong enough, I’ve been watching the live log closely to see what would cause this and noticed a very high number of inputs from the Hue bridge (so maybe this is flooding the Smartthings system… likely these are unrelated tbh as they were never connected in first place but I’m curious to resolve/understand this hue bridge activity ( I’ve posted elsewhere on this)

But regarding the ZigBee mesh, I’m not convinced the signal is weak as I have 2 in each room, one near the doorway and one further into the room - never more than say 3 meters apart with an open room between them. the hub is in the main entrance which is square in shape and is the entrance to each room. I have included a layout below is the layout of the apartment… first picture is downstairs and second picture is my room is upstairs via a circular stairway straight up - purple squares are the locations of my Hue Motion sensors - as you can see there is a clear path between many of them via open doorways and the hub is right next to the Sensor in the central entrance. so not sure weak Zigbee would be responsible. I have Wifi 5ghz and 2.4ghz but the distance of the router to Smartthings hub is around 2 meters and this was the same setup when the Motion sensors were stable.

any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your inputs and support.