Hue motion sensor (use ST hub, but no hue bridge)

Unfortunately, the device no longer registers/associates with the ST hub or show up in ST. No device to select or see in the IDE which makes it impossible to select another Device Type.

I gave up on it and stepped away for maybe a week. Then while setting up a new outdoor switch for the Christmas Lights, I saw the hue motion sensor show up in SmartThings. Surprised the hell out of me!

So, I guess adding the Hue Motion Sensor is not instant; it doesn’t show up instantly. I have given it time before maybe 10 min but I guess it wasn’t long enough.

So, tomorrow, I’ll start messing with it again and see if it’s working as expected and start putting to it’s intended use. I’m thankful it didn’t end up being a waste of money.

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Hi @tstaub - apologies if I’ve missed the answer to this question. I tried to get the Hue Outdoor Sensor working in ST, had it linked directly to ST at one point, but it would just keep dropping off and I have to manually reset it. Got fed up of getting the ladders out - so reverted to having it linked to Hue and resigned myself to no ST access.

I noticed this week that the integration between ST and Hue has changed and seems a coincidence with the timing of your post.

Have you suddenly seen the sensor in ST via the Hue Hub - rather than having it connected directly? I’d love to be able to use it in automations!

@robfg @tstaub Hi! I’ve just got my hands on the sensor today… could you point me in the direction of the device handler (for ST v3)?

Hope it’s working for you both now!

Is there any way that you could add on/off functionality to this device handle?

Hi Ben,

Just in case you’ve not tried it yet I’ve just used the DH linked below and changed the model from “SML001” to “SML002” and the entries of “Hue Motion Sensor” to “Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor” before publishing as I’ve also published it without changes to try with the indoor motion sensors.

Then reset the motion sensor holding the button for 15 seconds as others have posted with searching for devices running in SmartThings app, it was then discovered correctly as the “Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor”. So far the motion detection appears to be snappy but not seeing any lux/luminance on the device in the SmartThings app at the moment.

Update - as per post above I’ve updated also changed vid: “generic-motion” to vid: “generic-motion-4”, changed the device hander assigned to the motion sensor to another and then back, now showing the Lux meter in the SmartThings app.

Thanks to @bogdanalexe90 for the DTH.

hueMotionSensor/hue-motion-sensor.groovy at master · bogdanalexe90/hueMotionSensor · GitHub



I’ve just got my hands on a new Hue Motion sensor and managed to get it added to ST. Also installed this DH and the sensor functionality works perfect.

In the ST app it’s reporting motion status and there are fields visible for temp and battery. But no data is show for these two. Battery shows 0% and temp shows at 0,0 degrees celsius. And also no field for illuminance is shown.

When looking at the device details on the IDE it does list a history of measured lux levels however. But no history on temperature and no battery data here as well.

Am I missing something here? Is the DH not up to date, or do I need to change something in the code to make it get all the data out of this sensor?

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Following the message above, change the line vid: “generic-motion” to vid: “generic-motion-4” , change the device hander assigned to the motion sensor to another and then back, now showing the Lux meter in the SmartThings app for me.


I have the same issues that you have. I have resigned to calendaring the reset dates.
With the outdoor sensor connected to the Hue Hub, is it now showing up as a device in ST?

The values aren’t strange. They are identical to the value I get from other devices, I just bought one of these to test it. When placed in the same spot I get within 1-2 lux of my other devices.

Hi Apologies for the slow response - unfortunately not ST doesn’t see it. I did find a ridiculous but interesting work around though. I bought a Hue switch - this does show up in ST and Hue and HomeKit - I found that I can trigger states using HomeKit on the Switch which ST can see and respond to. Way too complicated and gave up on it - but it can be done.

Which model switch?

Hue HomeKit integration is done through the Hue bridge, not the individual devices.

The Hue bridge exposes Hue bulbs to both SmartThings and HomeKit, but accessories like Switches are normally exposed only to HomeKit, not ST. (There is a custom code workaround, but it’s not reliable for everyone and not very many people use it.)

So I’m a little confused as to how what you were describing would work, unless there’s a new model switch which works differently.

You can make it work with a hue lightbulb connected to a hue bridge, and some people have done that in the past, but I don’t know how to make it work with a switch.

Hi there,

I was using my Hue Motion Sensors linked to my ST v3 hub with the device handler from this post for one year.
Recently I started having problems with the connection of some of the hue sensors. They are loosing the connection after some hours of work.
It doesn’t matter how many times you try to do re-connect them to the hub and changing the routing with the ST hub. They are always loosing the connection after some hours.
The only difference between the non-working ones and the working ones seems to be the firmware version of the sensors, which seems to have changed for some of them.
While the sensors with new firmware version 0x42006BB7 are continuously disconnecting, the ones with old firmware version 0x420049E0 are not having any disconnection.
Is there any possibility that this upgrade is the cause of this problem?
In case yes, is there any way of modifying the handler so the problem could be solved?
I wouldn’t like having to say goodbye these magnificent sensors.


Hi my friend, any advance of this issue ?

Thanks !

No. Trying everything but it seems to be a problem related to the firmware version and the bogdanalexe90’s dth.
Had you the same problem?

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Hi my friend, not yet, Im thinking for future project integrate Hue Motion Sensor for scenes automations (not alarm devices). But this is a warning …

I am watching this thread as well. My Hue motion sensors started going offline every so often too. I use the DH listed and it has been reliable and great until about a month or so ago. I have 4 Hue motion sensors and it only happens on a couple of them, not all. Very frustrating. Have to reset them almost every 48 hours.

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Same disconnecting issues with me. 2 sensors working fine for at least 9 months then they suddenly started going offline. I reset them, they reconnect for a day then drop back offline. My firmware is 0x420062AD

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+1 on disconnect, same firmware (0x420062AD) but SML002 outdoor sensor.


Will these sensors still work when the custom device handlers are gone?

Are there not other native device handlers that just do motion, lux and temperature? I couldn’t find it, which is surprising.

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