Hue motion sensor (no hue bridge)

I have a motion sensor and a ST Wifi mesh. I added my sensor as follows:

  1. Log into IDE and paste code as new DTH, and publish
  2. Begin Search for devices on ST hub
  3. Hold setup button on motion sensor until green light turns on/off and starts flashing amber
  4. Light on sensor flashes green and i get a device found on ST app (classic). However this device just appears as a ‘Thing’

Am I doing anything wrong? After adding it just shows please wait in the device list. If i select the ‘thing’ it doesn’t give me any of the feedback one would expect from a motion sensing device. Is this an issue with the device handler setup, or fingerprinting or something else. I’m pretty new to the ST world.

I have this the DTH connection to a hue motion sensor and it is working perfectly. However (isn’t there always one :slight_smile: ), just wondering is there a way to set the motion active on the sensor to a fixed value ie with the 3 minute I think blind time, can the sensor be set to pretend to be in motion for a user defined time frame?


Hello I have the same issue, did you get it to work so the lux can be used as a display and trigger?
(Using the new app).
Great to turn lights on if the lux level drops below a level.

Yeah the author posted the solution for getting the lux to appear in the new smartthings app, it’s a simple change in the code meta value Hue motion sensor (no hue bridge)

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