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Hue Lux direct connect to ST Hub 2


I have bought a few of the outgoing hue lux bulbs as they are now really cheap, and want to connect a couple of them directly to the ST hub as I would like them to be Zigbee repeaters.

Ive done add device, which finds a “Thing” and in the IDE I can change the device type to Hue Lux, though this doesn’t seem to work no control or feed back?

At this point I’m stuck any suggestions, I assume a Hub V2 doesn’t need a firmware upgrade? Have searched but cant find anything resent, I’m also not clear why Smart Things would only identify the bulb as a “Thing”?


(Scott G) #2

The Hue Lux in the IDE is for a Hue bulb controlled by the Hue Hub, not directly connected to ST. Your best bet for right now is to choose the OSRAM Tunable White device type and ignore the color temperature functions. It should work for on/off/dim. There isn’t a plain zigbee dimmable bulb device type that dynamically selects the correct endpoint.

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(Dean Smith) #3

This is good to know as I was going to do the same thing!


Hue bulbs, including Lux, Will not act as repeaters if connected directly to the smartthings hub. They only act as ZLL repeaters, and only when they are in a ZLL network such as connected to a Hue bridge.

The only zigbee bulbs that may act as repeaters, although we are still waiting for confirmation on that, are Osram Lightify bulbs manufactured for the US. The ones manufactured for Europe have the same behavior as the Hues.

(Scott G) #5

Just remember that directly connecting Hue bulbs to ST is not recommended. Hue bulbs are notoriously difficult to reset from an HA zigbee hub like ST; so those bulbs might get locked in. You also don’t get the same functionality from ST as you do from the Hue Hub (plus 3rd party Hue apps) in terms of quality of zigbee implementation. Not a knock on ST. It’s just the difference between dedicated zigbee hub and the flexibility of ST.

(For the record, I’ve directly connected Hue devices; but it’s a personal preference.)


Thanks for the reply

Been playing with this, because what else do you do on Friday night?

it appearers there is now also a Zigbee Hue device type in in the IDE as well, however I cant get either that or the Osram tune-able device type to turn the light on or off, or correctly report its state.



Just read that, has put something of a downer on what I was doing. I assumed they repeated only the network they were attached to hence why they weren’t repeaters for ST in most set-ups.

I have checked an my hub is on zigbeeChannel: 20 so I should be able to reclaim the bulb ( as i had only connected 1 of the 4 i have bought) without to much hassle but will go acquire myself a Hue hub and do it the recommended way.


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Where did you buy the bulbs from? It sounds like they may be already paired to another controller.

The Lutron remote bulb controller that you can buy for $30 at Home Depot can reset most zigbee bulbs, including Hues, whether they are on a ZLL channel or ZHA.

I believe the new Phillips dimmer switch can reset the bulbs if they’re on a ZLL channel, but not on a ZHA channel.

Most zigbee bulbs can be individually reset with a blink pattern, but Phillips chose not to do that. It does mean their bulbs can’t be unintentionally taken off the network because some child was playing with the switch, but it can also make it more challenging to get them paired to begin with.

If the bulbs were previously purchased and then returned, it can be a real problem if you don’t have the Lutron device.


There direct from Amazon uk.

though it does pair, it just i cant get it to do anything.

I believe Zigbee channel 20 is a ZLL channel and as ever its clear as mud but I may be able to manually pair them with the hue hub, or reset them using the hue remote.

In the end the white only ones are only £15 so if it ends up being an expensive LED bulb it wont be the end of the world.


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any joy on this yet ? im a total newbie and dont do the whole code thing (YET) but trying to get this damn bulb to work with the hub V2