Hue Lux bulbs acting stupid

so I have had 2 Hue Lux bulbs recently just start coming on at weird times, and will just start flashing/flickering really fast and the only way to stop it is to physically turn the switch off and back on.

I deleted all of the smart apps that could be messing with it, and have no rules set up in the hue app.

has anyone else had this issue? I find the hue api cumbersome to mess with and don’t have the time to figure it out. is there any quick and easy way to reset one of these bulbs without having to buy something else? like the wink bulbs you just switch on and off 5 times to reset.

any advise would be appreciated…

Sorry, I can’t give any advise, but I’ve had problems too. Recently my 4 BR30 color Hue bulbs turn on with random colors. They’re in my kitchen & turn on with motion. I’ve not had any fancy colors set up for those lights for months.

I’ve also noticed the Hue app on my iPad is constantly saying it needs an update. I do the update but it still shows the need for an app update after I just did it.

so after swapping 3 different bulbs into this fixture, somehow it must be the recessed can that is having problems. so i bought a z-wave light switch to put on those lights. not the fix i wanted but im tired of having the one light come on all the time.