Hue Lux at Tesco - half normal price?

Was in my local Tesco Extra earlier, unless I’m seeing things they’ve got Hue Lux ES bulbs are £7.50, which seems to be half what they are on Amazon. Will go double check tomorrow, but just wanted to share… pondering buying a whole load and shifting them on Amazon :slight_smile:

The Hue Lux is being replaced by the new Hue White model, which is brighter (800 lm) and less expensive.

I would expect to see the Lux model rapidly dropping in price at most outlets, although £7.50 is certainly a deal – – Tesco may have it marked as a discontinued item. :sunglasses:

Sadly, Tesco deals are often very elusive and located in only one or two stores across the country. HotUKDeals followers often try in vain to find offers others claim to have in their locals.

@alexx A lot of Tesco branches have had these bulbs. Sadly far too many people buy them simply to try and resell on Amazon and eBay for up £50 a bulb. That means that those of us who would actually use them lose the opportunity to get them at decent prices. The last time Tesco dropped them to that price eBay had a sudden increase in the number of Hue Lux bulbs on offer.

@a4refillpad. I got my bulbs via a HUKD alert. Unfortunately I missed the Wemo Insights at under a tenner at Wyevale Garden Centres. I phoned every single one in Berkshire and none had stock.

Went for a little nose this morning. Lux starter pack (bridge, two bulbs) is £90, single Lux bulbs are £7.50 each. Both marked as “new”, but the store is only about a month old anyway so I wouldn’t read too much into that.

Also had Osram Lightify CLA-60 RGBW E27 bulbs at £31, the Lightify gateway at £40. Not used those before either standalone or with Smartthings but interested as they’re £19 or so cheaper than the Hue colour bulbs.

Meanwhile, next to it they had the WeMo switch for £34 (Amazon £29.99), WeMo Insight switch for £50 (Amazon £39.99, The WeMo ES and BC LED lighting starter kit for £60 (Amazon £54.99).

This is the new Bicester store by the way, so if you’re local and happened to have a home automation emergency or wanted some Lux bulbs cheap(ish) you’ll find it in the ‘technology’ aisle.