Hue lights returning to default

All my hue lights seem to keep returning to default randomly. As if I had a power outage and I can’t figure out why. fortunaly I only have 2 bulbs and one led strip. they are connect via hue hub and are also connect with in smarththings… Any ideas what’s maybe causing. Doesn’t seem to be third part apps and I’m not even sure where to look to get an idea.

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One of my GE Link bulbs (connected via Hue Bridge) is suddenly doing the opposite. It keeps going back to Dim Level 1% (from 75%), when it used to remember the previous setting as long as power wasn’t disconnected.

Something has changed … somewhere.

Power surge does the same thing for my hues, annoying especially with monsoon season in our area.

Haven’t had any power surges in my area. perfect weather and clean power

Power outage yeah but power surge is hard for a typical house to detect. I would look into the event log first then look at what changed at your house after this happened. Maybe you just installed a hug fan or hair dryer that caused a power surge etc.
@tgauchat, I have this same problem that’s why I paired some of my bulbs direct to ST. It’s a pain either way. GE link sucks at direct pair and dim problem with hue hub to ST.

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