Hue Light Macros Possibility?

Hue Light Macros

I currently have an app on my android phone called Macronos which lets you create macros for your Sonos system.

This app will let me choose a playlist(from google music or Amazon, ect) choose the Sonos speakers I want for this macro and set the volume per speaker.

Here’s an example screenshot.

I would love to be able to do this with my Hue lights.

For example:

Set my living room lights up so they are Green and Gold when Green Bay Packer games are on.


Set my living room lights to dark blue and dimmed to 30% but the ones near the TV are 10%.

I would love it if I can preprogram macro’s and call them up via the ST app or Alexa.

So for each macro I put in:
Lights(then I choose which lights)
under each light I can choose the color and brightness.

Is this possible with ST or is this just wishfull thinking?

So I take it this is not do able?

Do you have a Mac lying around?

Unfortunately no mac, I have 2 Win10 pc’s and can do Linux VM’s.

I wrote a program for Mac that does Hue scenes (among other things). It is a lite http server that executes scripts when an ‘http get’ comes in. Hues can easily be controlled from a shell script calling cURL. My app also has a function to query and record the current state of your Hues and save it as a scene. The scene scripts are just text files and very quick and simple to edit if you want to change things.

Just about anything can send the request. I send them from SmartThings and Alexa, as well as iRule and Tasker. Even the web browser on my laptop. You could do something similar on Linux with Apache and PHP, probably on Windows as well.

The prob is I’m not enuff of a programmer.

I can follow directions pretty well. But can’t create it from scratch.