Hue light bricked


(thibaut sabot) #1


I made the mistake of trying to connect my hue white bulb directly to ST.
At first it was working, the ST app detected the bulb as ‘things’ and I could pair with them.

For others reasons I had to delete and create my Location again.
Since then I can’t find my bulbs again.

I tried :

  • Turning the light on and off during the “Looking for devices”
  • Put the bulb on another lamp
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the ST hub.
  • Factory reset the ST hub.

But I still can’t detect them.

I know that pairing the Hue bulb directly to ST are not recommended but I’d like to know how to “reset them” so I can detect them again.

I read that the “Lutron Connected Bulb Remote” could be a solution but I am not certain (I’m a complete beginner).

Will buying the Hue Hub now be able to solve my problem ? Or do I have to “unbrick” the bulb first ?

Thank you.

(Kraeg) #2

There is a program which you can run on a PC or MAC called LampFinder which has a lot of useful tools. I think it’s available on the Philips Hue Dev website.

That might be useful


(Ray) #3

Buy the lutron switch. It’s probably the easiest way. I have this switch just for resetting bulbs.

(thibaut sabot) #4

@kraegd Thank you for the suggestion but the app is searching for the Hue Hub which I don’t have

@Navat604 Thank you. Do you know if it’s also working for the Hue White ? And will it fix my problem ?

(Ray) #5

Definitely work with hue white. I have around 8 of hue white and moving them between ST and Phillips bridge quite often.

(thibaut sabot) #6

Thank you !

Are you in the US ? Do you know if the switch is working for europe bulb / ST ?