Hue Issues with distance

(Aaron Fisher) #1

Hello. This is primarily Hue related but I have it tied with Smartthings so I thought it would make sense to post here. I have a dozen Hue light strips tied to a single hub but cannot get another to add, probably because of distance. What is the distance that I can have another bulb at outside of this range where it will not use the other lights as extenders and thus require another hub? Does Hue make any extenders I can purchase?

I’m integrating an office full of lights, mood cubes, and AWS IoT buttons.

(Realy Living Dream) #2

Range is supposed to be 30M/100feet , but that is in a perfect lab environment. In real life situation with walls etc the range is closer to about 10M or 30 feet between devices to get a good mesh.

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #3

Try replacing one of your already-paired bulbs with a new, unpaired one. Once it’s paired, then put it where you want it to go and see if it works then.

(Shaun Reinson) #4

Its rare any of my bulbs will automatically be added to the Hue hub in a search.

I nearly always have to key in the serial number from the device.

Did you try that if it wouldn’t auto-add ?