Hue Dynamic Scene Oddity - Resolved

This is not a SmartThings question but I have Googled with no luck and I know there are many Hue users in here.

I have 6 Lily spots on the front of my house plus two color ambiance bulbs in porch lights. During holidays and events I run Hue dynamic scenes (triggered either from ST using the community driver or the Hue app but I don’t believe that’s material to this issue). All 8 lights change individually cycling through the scene colors as they should.

Just recently I added 5 additional Calla bollard lights. I added them to the same ‘room’ as the existing 8 lights. When I run the dynamic scenes the original 8 lights still cycle individually but the new 5 Callas all cycle colors together - by that I mean all 5 change color but they all change to the same color rather than act independently. I cannot for the life of me understand why. Any one have any ideas?

I would suggest asking hue support, but I would guess it’s something simple like they’re using groupcasting for that model. But I don’t know for sure. :thinking:

Yeah, I’ll reach out to them. I’ll also set up a test where the scene runs just on the Callas to see what happens.


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Did you cheec under Automation > Other

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There’s a ‘reset scene’ option in the Hue app. Doing that resolved the issue.