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Hue Dimmer Switch Connected to ST

(Justin Haylock) #163

So I’ve struggled this last week on this. I installed sticks18 DH and pair the switch to ST but couldn’t get it to do anything. I then noticed that I wa getting a light on button press so I assumed battery may be dead, replacement battery have not helped. Started again today deleted device, reset it, paired it, set the device type all good but still no lights on button press and looking at live logs ST isn’t getting anything. I’m trying ZHA DH now but signs are that it’s the same. Any ideas?

(Justin Haylock) #164

Doh!! It’s amazing what sitting down with a cup of coffee on a Saturday can fix.

I had missed this simple comment

If you have to assign the custom device type manually, you will need to reset and re-pair the remote by following step 2 above. Do not delete the device in ST! Just reset and re-pair.

Working light a dream

(Harrison Hughes ) #165

I cant find the Hue dimmer switch in the list of device handels?