Hue Device Status Not Correct

I have several Hue bulbs that all of a sudden started showing the incorrect status about two days ago. They are stuck in the on state (not physically on, only showing as on in smartthings) and all of my rules that involve them are not working correctly because of it. If I reboot the hue hub, they show the correct off state. However, as soon as I turn them back on and off again, they incorrectly show on indefinitely. Manually refreshing them in the app does nothing. I noticed the HUE issue on the status page, and it says they are looking into an issue with unreachable bulbs. Is this what I am seeing or do I have a different issue?

Anyone? I’m still having this issue. The hue bulbs refuse to refresh in SmartThings and always show as being on.

Are you using the integration provide in the app? Some things to check:

Has the hue bridge ip changed?
Have you made any changes to your router?
Are you able to control and see state changes in the hue app?