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Hue delay between bulbs?

Wow, it keeps getting better!

I have this problem too, worked fine, no changes by me and then the delay between each lamp a few month back. Havent had time to look into it till now and I see it ST again causing the problem…

Wondering if we are going to get to 1 year on this ‘feature’ bug. Still see this issue every day here, still no movement from ST on fixing it. Multiple people across many areas and devices with the same issue… oh well. I guess Im 0 for 3 on my reported issues…so far none been fixed and going on a long time for all them.

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Same here too shame ST don’t even feel necessary to provide an update let alone a fix.

Well… the delay is still here. But … But … Last night I noticed the delay has gotten less. I can’t walk across my kitchen before all 5 come on. So there’s that. With that is also the new issue that has been reported of setting color to ‘cool white’ in smart lighting doesn’t do that. They say ‘working on it on our end’. So I wonder if this will be another bug like this one. Next project is to go from my v1 hub to a v2 hub maybe this weekend. Figure for $50 I couldn’t not upgrade. But yea…one of the longest bugs still going strong here

If you do move to hub v2 I would recommend using my Hue app and DH’s [UPDATED DECEMBER 2017] Hue B Smart (Groups & Scenes) which will give you hue groups/rooms which will remove the popcorn effect you are seeing.

I would also recommend moving from smart lighting to webcore

Recommend all ya want… not going to do it. Honestly my system is stable. Even when there are reported system outages like yesterday, somehow everything here worked. That is part of the reason why I’ve been so reluctant to move from what I have. Just saying this makes me reconsider this move.

But I dont want a more complicated automation setup. Not saying they arent ‘better’ solutions that offer more ‘flexibility’ I just dont need it or want it. Anecdotally everyone I’ve seen with issues has a very complex setup. I used to do much more. But my friend who got me into ST had a very basic setup and had no issues. So I went back to the ‘apple’ mindset and just do what ST wants you to do, use their baked in stuff. And since then my setup of like $4000 in devices (around 80 things) has been honestly rock solid other than this popcorn effect and yesterdays’ light temp issue. But that is actually resolved sorta as smart lighting now offers color temp option which wasnt there when I setup my automations.

Who can say they havent touched their automations in months? Other than making some adjustments in my automations for when my parents came to visit, having guests in the house other than just my solo self means some automations needed changing, I havent touched anything in easily 3 months maybe more. Ok I lie, just remembered had one iris window sensor lose connection a couple weeks ago, first time I’ve ever had to reset any device. So my choice of going very basic has worked I think…I want my lights to come on with motion, and based around time and presence, and a few other things like cameras, water sensors, and the such. I dont have a super complicated setup but its also not the most basic…but it works…which from the sounds of most of the people on this forum is a very uncommon thing.

I must say I’m seeing similar results… I still get the pop corn effect (I don’t think I have seen an improvement though), but the last year or so overall the whole platform has been pretty reliable, I had an issue about a week ago where one of my bulbs would occasionally turn on to 50% but only happened a couple of times and probably a hue issue…

I’m also reluctant to use an alternative Hue app, but more because using groups makes the whole thing a lot more work to achieve the variants I want… I’d sooner ST / Hue fix the problem, but I don’t have enough bulbs in a group to worry about it that much!

LOL I have that same issue… I have my Cree’s paired to Hue since on v1 we still have the zigbee stack bug… So every now and then last week yea one of 7 bulbs (always one of the 2 cree’s) would turn on at 50%, but like if I stood still and wait for the motion sensor to go idle…then refire the automation it would fix itself to 100%. Since in all my automations I try to specify % and color/color temp for good measure.

Do I really want to swap to the v2 hub lol. The more I think about it, my crap just works for the most part. Gah…decisions. It can sit here for a while longer I guess

Glad it’s not just me, if the issue persists then I might update my smart app to double trigger (All my automatons and lighting are using my own smart app that pretty much does everything for me).

I’m on the V2 I started using ST just after it came out… I’m not sure there is any benefit to moving over really, the only “benefit” was local processing which doesn’t really exist anyway!

It’s funny how many bugs do seem to be purely their cloud issues…

But yea the reason I’m considering going to v2, is to get that updated zigbee stack. Having all these cree bulbs on the hue bridge kinda sucks. Can ‘mess up’ scenes within the hue app which I do play with sometimes but not always. When you have a white only bulb in a room its like ‘oh no you can only do white scenes’ unless you take a hammer to it and force it on it. Plus the speed of ST connected bulbs. Here in my office they are all on ST and its noticeable how fast they turn on compared to the Hue integration. And I have so many cree bulbs, the bug with the stack/firmware means <12 bulbs or all hell breaks loose

Interesting, I hadn’t even considered directly linking bulbs… unfortunately though I use hue switches as an override to automation…

Just got this back from support

Thanks for getting back to me here. It does look like there was a change made to Hue that is causing this and we are still looking into things here, but the option for color temp in Smart Home Monitor does look to be a working method as of now. Use this setting for the time being, but the option in the regular color option is something we are looking into.

Let me know and I can get you updates as we looking into things, otherwise please get in touch if there is anything else down the road!


So after saying that things have been running fine… it’s all broken…

I first had issues where one of my two hall lights wouldn’t turn on when triggered… but would be randomly 1 or the other…

Today both have come on but one would be fully on until the other started coming on…

Also today in the living room when watching a film, as expected the main lights automatically dimmed and the lamps came on… but then one of the main lights came on at full brightness…

All of this seems to be since the update… will see how I get on, might give everything a re-boot see if that gets things playing nicer…

LOL I hear ya man. I started the migration to v2 yesterday at 2. At 2:30 my breaker popped and wouldnt reset. I spent the next 7 hours troubleshooting it to the point where I am at now, I cant fix it…waiting for an electrician. And with the Flooding here in Nashville, its going to be thursday before my office has power again. But the hub and router are on a battery which is now on an extension cord so yea.

9pm started moving devices over. Well can say the hue delay / popcorning is still here…and actually worse I think. Slower.

I will say going from the first shard to now on na04…things are weird and different. I get crashes of the app a lot more, the api site acts weird like not listing my devices unless i go click my hub first. Overall just weird. I can see why people complain. I was perfectly happy on my v1 on the OG shard. Now I’m not and already seeing differences. Like my multi sensor didnt want to go into ‘garage door’ mode until I changed its DTH. When I added it years ago it ‘just did it’. Now not so much.

Tho I will say it is kinda cool seeing things get firmware updates as I add them. Waiting to see the Cree bulbs to get updates… saw the osram’s get it, iris stuff as well.

Sounds like a right PITA, mine seems to be playing a little nicer again now… guess someone was having some issues somewhere! Hope you get it all sorted though and let me know how it ends up!

So looks like they have “fixed” this… I only know because they have made a change to force the input to be an integer as my lighting has just stopped working properly!.. a quick code update and now all working, but worries me that this issue will be elsewhere?

LOL well I’ve moved all my automation to call ‘2700’ in temp instead of ‘cool white’ so I guess I wont notice. The popcorning is my main bug at this point.

One thing I’m going to do in the next few weeks is do a full write-up for ‘whats it like to migrate in 2017’ since we do still get those questions and well…at this point I see NO reason to go from v1 to v2 even when the v2 is on sale for $50. Going to give it a couple weeks to workout my automation bugs since you have to start fresh. Giving it time since we all had a long time to debug our setups. Despite my attempts of screen shooting every automation and copying it anew…still buggy compared to before.

I know this hue delay is such a 1st world issue…but I still say its easy to reproduce, buy 5 bulbs and automate them as if they are 1 room. I’ll see if your reported change for color made any difference with speed…that automation only fires after sundown.

I’ve always been running v2 Hub. Had a working setup with one room having 7 Hue bulbs connected via a Hue Bridge triggered using ST motion sensor by ST Smart Lighting rule that worked perfectly and now living with this delay is infuriating me. I’ve usually left the room before the lights completed turning on.

this after ST dicked about over Hue showing lime green when warm white was requested in “Smart Lighting” another regression they introduced presumably.


One year old thread. “Bug” still around. We are a day away from the Hue controller going ‘local’. Any bets on if the popcorn affect is still a thing? I’m betting it will