Hue Deals on Amazon

(Geko) #1

If anyone’s interested, there’re a couple of Hue Starter Kit deals on Amazon. That was enough of incentive for me to finally pull the trigger on Hue. :smile:

  • Free Hue bulb ($59 value) with Hue Starter Kit
  • Free Hue Bloom ($79 value) with Hue Starter Kit:

(Ron S) #2

Welcome to the club hue!

(Matt) #3

I do want more hues, I just don’t want their hub.

(Geko) #4

The kit was on sale for 188.99 when I bought it. With the free bulb deal, it works out to be $47.25 per bulb (plus free hub). Still cheaper than buying bulbs individually.

(Matt) #5

Great @geko the freebie hub could be fun. I was just thinking a hub could be fun. I’d love to experiment with the color changing based on tv show scenes.

(Geko) #6

(Matt) #7


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