Hue (Connect) update request possible?

Hi, because of some issues, i decided to try again the official HUE (Connect) Smartapp. I found out, that the Philips Living White Adapters are not supported. However, this is simply because there is a missing name in the official smart app. Is there a way to request an update?

Starting @ line 352 there is the naming convention. This should be added to make Living White Adapters Work:
else if (hueType?.equalsIgnoreCase(“Dimmable plug-in unit”))
return “Hue Lux Bulb”

Any tips how to get this into the official smartapp?

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I have three Living White Plugs, of which two have been added in the past to Smartthings, and they work just fine.

Now I tried to add my spare one and found out that is does not get added when selected by the Hue(Connect) app, I see this in the log:

18:40:05: warn Device type Dimmable plug-in unit not supported

Is there a way around this already?

No, there’s no official way around that. I’m not sure why they added in the past, but these devices have never been Certified for use on our platform. Maybe someone else has attempted to integrate them.

Yes i did… some months ago i sent the addition of the code to Smartthings for official integration but its still sitting idle… just put the code into your device handler yourself and it will work.