Hue Color Temperature Sliders Messed Up?

This is an odd one. Two of my Hue bulbs have a slider in their device page for color temperature that goes from 0-100K instead of 2000-6500K. All my other Hue bulbs have the correct slider.

Anyone ever seen anything like this? If I choose the color wheel I can select the right color temp but it’s not nearly as easy as the slider.

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I’ll be looking into this tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Sorry about that.

Just wanted to let you know I was able to reproduce and have escalated this internally.


I would like to add that all of my hue color bulbs show 0-100k as well. I just got my ST hub

I now have the same on Lightify bulbs using @Sticks18 device handler, which has always worked brilliantly.

There is now an issue with Lifx bulbs. The slider for temperature change is set to 1-100 so when I try to set it at higher kelvin value I get the following error in the IDE:

[device id here] 10:52:00 PM: error Bad setLevel result: [422] [error:kelvin is outside of range: 2500-9000]
[device id here] 10:52:00 PM: debug Executing ‘setColorTemperature’ to 95

and of course the lower Kelvins give me:
[device id here] 10:56:02 PM: error Bad setLevel result: [422] [error:kelvin is outside of range: 2500-9000]
[device id here] 10:56:01 PM: debug Executing ‘setColorTemperature’ to 10

I have have tried my own device type with the following code:
controlTile(“colorTempSliderControl”, “device.colorTemperature”, “slider”, height: 1, width: 6, inactiveLabel: false, range:"(2700…9000)") {
state “colorTemp”, action:“color temperature.setColorTemperature”

But it still only results in a slider that goes from 1-100… Can you have someone look at this @slagle? I can’t be the only lifx color 1000 user having this issue…