Hue color bulbs stopped changing color?

I can turn off and on and change light level but not color change?? Can anyone help? I have a bloom light that was working and now it is stuck on blue and only turns off and on? I got a new A19 bulb and it will not change color? Seems all the Hue bulbs are not changing color, I also have the BR#) bulbs that are not changing color also? The Osram lights are all working correctly?? Help

Are the Hues directly connected to ST or working through the Hue Bridge? What device type are the various bulbs using including the Osram ones?

All lights are connected through the ST hub. Device type? The Hue bloom light was working a day ago, but now it is stuck on blue

Great! Do any of the lights listed as using the Zigbee Hue Bulb fully work right now?

No, None of them work

Try going to the Logs section of the IDE to start Live Logging and try changing the color of one of them to report any errors.

Also, the on/off and dimming still works?

I have no idea what all that means???

Can you try again? This may have been a temporary issue. I can’t replicate it anymore.

When I got back to it, it all seems to be working??? Everything is working as designed?? Im happy!! Thanks for your help!!

Same issue this morning. Living my life purple for now!

Reinstalled the bulb after a reset same issue. Other people are having outages with sensors too. Must be bigger things going on at base.

Hello Everyone! I am a newbees in the ST world. I just bought the starter pack v2 with couple of extra sensors and a siren, was easy to setup and working like a charm… Now I got hooked to these amazing THINGS I got my self anOSRAM E27 Edison Screw A60 ES Cap 10 W LED Lightify RGB Light Bulb from Amazon UK, hooked it to my ST it is working fine On off dimming but it doesn’t change color my ST recognised it as hue Bulb. Can anyone please give me step by step how to make change colours? As said I am very good on IT so please be gentile with me :wink: thanks guys

Welcome Moez! As you can see from this thread it looks like color changes were hit by a temporary bug somewhere in ST land, so you might just need to give it time. If you follow the same steps I outlined above, you can see if there’s the same error for you. From a code perspective it should not be throwing that level null error, so it seems to be a system issue.

On another note, if you don’t mind tinkering and some cut/paste, check out the thread for your Osram. There’s a link to a custom devicetype that adds better white control, state updating and a fresh UI. Since you’re new, search for “custom code” on this forum for a great FAQ on how to get started with custom devicetypes and SmartApps. Good luck!!

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Thank you @Sticks18 much appreciate your help. Looks like I am gonna spend my holidays reading. Lol

Thank you very much man!!! It is working now

Here is what I got!!!

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