Hue color bulb is doing it's own thing

I have 5 main zones in my house for lighting. I’ve set up scenes to set color and brightness in each zone and then activate those through an automation. I recently moved one bulb from a zone to another and it seems like it still has memories of it’s old self. Even though I deleted the bulb from the previous scenes it still has it’s own brightness and color settings. I even went through and deleted and recreated the groups and scenes that it was a part of but it still is doing it’s own thing. I can see in the Events section where it’s setting all of the errant behaviors, but I don’t know of any way to find out what is activating those. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Silly question…
Have you check both smartthings AND the hue bridge for any settings which may be affecting the bulb?
Where are your scenes configured?

I’ve consolidated all routines to Smartthings to eliminate trying to figure out who was controlling things. I don’t have any settings or routines in Hue.

If you click on the device in ST and then go to the ‘smartapps’ tab does it show any previous app you were using?

ACTUALLY… i went back into Hue and sure enough there were light settings still active. Thanks Cobra for pointing me back to Occams Razor.

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You are welcome… we have all done it! :slight_smile:

And… Ockham was English too :slight_smile:

I’ve often wondered why the master of the simplicity rule has multiple spellings of the rule… must be a British thing. lol Thanks again Cobra.

Lol, I believe he was actually originally called William of Ockham :slight_smile:

But yes, there are many spellings of the name/rule.