Hue bulb without Hue Bridge?

I see that there’s a device type for “Zigbee Hue Bulb” and that a new single Hue bulb is detected by the ST hub as this when I search for new devices. It seems to pair, but doesn’t respond to commands. Is there support coming for talking to Hue bulbs over ZLL without the hub? I picked up this bulb for $20 from a company that was getting rid of some of their tradeshow/marketing displays and had a spare new-in-box Hue bulb. Not the end of the world if I need to get a starter pack to put it to use, but if support is coming soon (or ever) I may hold off. Any word? Maybe something in beta (I’ll be a guinea pig if you need testers)?


Hey Mitch!

Email us at and we’ll help you out. You just need a firmware update.

Just as a warning though, adding a hue bulb directly to the SmartThings Hub isn’t the recommended path. Once added you’ll be unable to remove it should you want to connect it to a hue bridge later. We’re looking at ways to better support direct bulb connection but in the mean time it’s worth it to use the hue bridge and connect via LAN.

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Mitch, i have several Hue Bulbs connected directly to my SmartThings hub. I primarily did this so on my ZigBee devices are on the same network that spans my whole house plus outside in the landscaping. As Tyler says they had to do a firmware update to my SmartThings hub before the bulbs wold function. They work very well, the apps need a little improvement but that will come I’m sure.

You may not care but in the spirit of sharing, here are a couple things to keep in mind. Once your bulb joins a network be it the Hue Hub’s Light Link network or the SmartThings Home Automation network the bulb has to be reset to factory to ever join another ZigBee hub in the future. To factory reset the Hue bulb you need a light link remote and you have to touch it to the bulb while holding a couple of buttons. Here is a link to the remote i have All is good if you have this remote right?? Well maybe not!! My hue bulbs can no longer be reset after i joined the SmartThings hub even with my remote. The remote only operates on the ZigBee Light Link channels defined in the Light Link profile. My Hub is operating on ZigBee Channel 14 that is a valid and good Home Automation channel but not a valid ZigBee Light Link channel there for my light link remote cant find the bulbs to reset them. I did contact tech support and asked how I could change the channel of my SmartThings hub and they said it couldn’t be changed. I’m Okay for now since I don’t want to move my bulbs off the Smart Things hub. Just wanted to share this info because I know someone else is going to run into it.


Does this work with TCP bulbs as we’ll?

I’d hate to spend money on their gateway if I can control the bulbs directly from ST.

In order for TCP bulbs to work with ST’s you need the gateway hub.

I am glad I did return them last week. I didn’t like the fact that the switch has to be ON at all times for the app to control the lamps. I will look into the HUE lamps next. Thanks!

Does ST offer color control of the bulbs if you use the bulbs with only the ST hub? I want to get a couple for notification purposes. One in my office and in my living room to light up certain colors on certain events like outdoor motion? Mailbox Open? Etc etc.

TCP doesn’t use the same wireless technology so you’ll still need their bridge.

@mattjfrank -

Check the responses above for info on connecting the bulbs to SmartThings without the hue bridge. Make sure to check my disclaimer above.

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TCP connect and HUE bulbs have to have continuous power. They both have remotes now that will act as light switches (TCP connect is more of a handheld remote though). In order to have a spouse proof light switch and still use the wireless bulbs I installed wemo light switches, but spliced them in so the bulbs still have continuous power. This way I can turn on one switch and control multiple lights through smart things. I also use ifttt for a long push operation (not currently supported by ST) that can run a second function for the wemo switches. I’d like long push control directly in ST that could differentiate between long push while currently off and currently on to give my switch 4 functions.

On a side note I’m also using the wemo switches to give smart things on/off control of my ceiling fans based on occupancy and temperature of a room.

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Yes a Smart Things directly connected Hue bulb’s color can be controlled by the ST Hue device profile. My Hue bulbs are out in my landscaping and every night at sunset I use the ST Hub to turn them on and off at sunrise. The Hub bulbs will remember the last color they were displaying and come on at that color as long as the power to the bulbs wasn’t cycled. If the bulbs loose power they come back on as soon as the power is reconnected as a warm white color (default color).

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Thanks @JohnR I went and picked up a couple single bulbs. I got one added but cannot actually control it, I emailed ST probably need that firmware update mentioned above.

If you were to hook up a Hue bulb directly to ST, I’m assuming you couldn’t use something like IFTTT anymore since you are no longer hooked up to the Philips Hub?

You can use IFTTT but only on and off control. IFTTT doesn’t provide color or brightness control via the bulb when you use the bulb directly with the hub.

Can ST due fade, switch to different colors as well?

Yes ST can fully control the bulb colors and brightness. Be warned though, once you add a Hue Bulb to ST there is no way to remove it so that you can add it to a different controller.

I’m not sure that’s true. I have a recipe that turns my lights on and changes their color to blue when a certain RSS feed has an update.

I’m running three bulbs on a Hue hub bridged to my ST hub using the Hue Connect from the Labs.

What I said is 100% true, and it’s directed at adding Hue Bulbs directly too ST w/out using the Hue Hub.

So once the hue bulb is connected to the ST hub you cannot add it to the hue hub?

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Can someone post the step-by-step instructions on how to connect an A19 Hue bulb without the Hue Hub? It appears people are doing it but I’m not sure how to make it work. I have the most up-to-date firmware.


Make sure you have the correct firmware on your hub by emailing ST support.

Screw the bulb in an make sure it’s powered

Search for new things on your device

Please understand, currently once you add this directly to ST there is no way to reset it or exclude it from ST.