Hue bulb not being found

Yesterday I added a Hue white bulb as a thing to my ST hub directly ( before I read all the posts on here! ) and because I couldn’t get it to work, deleted it so I could start again. I’ve since added a Device Handler, reset the hub a few times but it still won’t find the bulb. Zigbee channel of the hub is 19 btw. I tried to manually re-add it but don’t know the Zigbee ID or the Device network ID. On the Hub Events log, it only shows z-wave status ( search started/ended) and doesn’t seem to be searching for zigbee devices, have I switched off zigbee?? Obviously deleting the bulb wasn’t the best idea but I’m new to this and wrongly presumed I would just be able to re-add it! I’m now ready for giving up on the whole thing so any advice on how to resolve this would be appreciated.