Hue Bridge spamming my Smartthing hub? Live logging seems excessive

Hi all, a general query regarding my Hue Bridge ( it is Gen1 - do have Gen2 laying around but I don’t use Siri and as I understood this is the main difference)

The picture below shows the live logs for the Hue bridge - connected via the official Smartthings way, not using a 3rd party community app.

is this excessive? it seems it to me - and this is while I’m away from the home and all lights are off and no motion or trigger is taking place that would poll the bridge/bulbs that I know of.

the reason I am paying attention to this is I have Hue Motion sensors connected directly to Smartthings - never linked to hue hub that has been very reliable so far - but in recent days they keep getting stuck /or become unresponsive… and I wondered if this was because the hub was being overloaded and packets of instructions were getting lost /undelivered. so I’ve been watching the live log closely to see what would cause this and noticed a very high number of inputs from the Hue bridge… likely these are unrelated but I’m curious to resolve/understand this hue bridge activity if it’s needed, I did a few searched but not seen anyone specify asking this question.

I will post separately regarding the Hue motion sensor issues - but if someone knows why this activity is also happening please let me know :slight_smile: .

Thanks in advance for your inputs and support.