Hue Beyond fixtures in ST

I can’t believe I’m the first person to do this, but I do appear to be the first to post about it, so…

Installed two Hue Beyond pendant fittings yesterday, with the aid of Tim-the-builder. For those who don’t know, these are ‘permanent’ install LED fittings, with a dual light - one beefy downlighter at about 1000 lumens and a small ‘accent’ light above it. They show up in the Hue app as two distinct lights for each fixture, ‘Hue Beyond Up [N]’ and ‘Hue Beyond Down [N]’. Which is lovely - they’re groupable and controllable by the Hue app as you’d expect.

[excuse the construction debris!]

So - time to link the Hue Bridge to ST. Fine. Discover the two Beyond lights…

…and I get EIGHT new lights!!! (Hue Beyond Up 1 and 2, and Hue Beyond Down 1 to 6!)

After a bit of fiddling, it clicks - each of the downlighters is actually three separate LED bulbs, and while Hue groups the three into one light, ST doesn’t. So I basically have four separately controllable Hue lights for each fixture!

Which leads to a couple of questions, which aren’t quite the same even if they look it at first glance:

  • Any suggestions on how best to group these in ST for minimal UI clutter (using Smart Apps, virtual dimmers etc)?
  • How would one go about persuading an ST device type to view the downlighter as one light, not three? (more than willing to beta test this for someone)

This probably isn’t what you want, but look at the Big Turn ON and Big Turn OFF smartApps. Lots of ways to configure that, including creating a virtual switch that toggles all the lights at once. You can group any number of lights into one switch, even if they aren’t in the same fixture.

The real fun would be to have ST make the multiple lights flash in a rotating series. Now that’s a party!

A virtual dimmer and Dim With Me is probably the simplest way to do it.

The best way would be to grab the group from Hue, and I think someone on here modified Hue Connect to do that; but I’m not sure how well it works. The Hue integration is complex. Try searching for Hue Groups.

And good luck! Very cool lights!

Envy! 20 characters…

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I have this working with Colour Coordinator and a Virtual Hue Bulb (easier than I expected, as it’s pretty much "grab the Hue Bulb in the IDE and remove all the calls to parent.* ") Works a charm, all three ‘internal’ bulbs in each downlighter now grouped into one virtual light: high WAF. Next, scenes, I guess :smiley:

A followup thought/question. The default Hue device doesn’t handle colour temperature. which the Beyond fittings DO support. Any thoughts on the best way of implementing this (barring ‘wait for ST to fix it’?) :smiley:

Do the white LEDs support color temp? Or just the color accent portion?

Most of the Hue color bulbs support color temp for the white side. I recommended this update for Hue a few weeks back. It’s relatively easy to add to the Hue Bulb devicetype and Hue Connect, but to do it right, they will have to expand the number of devicetypes for Hue and be able to identify the capabilities from Hue to match them up. Right now they just split white vs color.

Not sure I follow you: both the uplighter and downlighter ‘halves’ of the Beyond lights are full colour, as well as having the option for while balance (as per the Lightstrip Plus): you get the attached colour management dialogue in the Hue app for all of them…

My mistake. I don’t know why, but I thought the down portion was white only.

You could add a setColorTemperature command to the Hue Bulb and Hue Connect. You would model it off the setColor command and pass ‘ct’ as the key and the value in Mired (mired = 1000000 / temp in kelvin), which is from about 135 - 500 as acceptable.

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@Sticks18 made a good Hue device type that has a color temperature slider… You could use this for inspiration:

I modified slightly to add four buttons for presets that come with Hue bulbs: relax, reading, concentration, energy


Indeed - since that’s what I use for the Lightify bulbs, I had my eyes on that anyway. Steal from the best, as they say :smiley:

For anyone else: this may be useful, as it explains how the Hue bridge sees Beyond lights.

(you’ll need a developer login)

Thank you so much for posting this, I am about to purchase these Hue Beyond Ceiling Lamps (UK) too, the non-pendent models, but I am concerned that it will not be properly supported.

May I check with you… apart from being detected as several separate hue bulbs, these lamps can be configured by SmartThings just like any supported Hue bulbs, correct?

Are you using the UK version of the Hue Beyond and SmartThings hub v2?

Yes and yes.

I’ll pop up the virtual Hue Bulb I use with Color Coordinator just as soon as I get the Git tools installed on this Mac.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the prompt reply! Do you happen to have Hue Phoenix Down Lights (UK) as well? that’s another unsupported light that I am apprehensive about installing in my house to integrate with ST motion sensors.

Hi Guys,

The OFFICIAL word from ST is that the Phoenix bulbs are not supported which is a PITA as I have just installed 6 based on the comments in the community.

I’ve been told I need to develop a custom device handler but that’s beyond my ability.

Anyone got any advice?

Unfortunately I can’t get this code to work as I get the following error

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