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Hue Advanced (Connect)


(Benjy) #162

You still can’t really but you get around that by manually adding devices to your ‘account’ through the IDE then can use the app to control them.

Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy a hub if I want to control my hue bulbs.

(Clayton) #163

You have a couple other options, like IFTTT, or using something like Home Assistant with the MQTT SmartApp. No clue how performance would be though.

(Benjy) #164

Thanks, thats what I figured. I know I can use a real workaround but looking to use the app to control/schedule things so I’ll have to go the hub route.

Whats the advantage of this smartapp vs. adding the bulbs through the smartthings app the way smartthings directs you to?

(Clayton) #165

The big advantage is if you’re using the Circadian Daylight SmartApp. Other than that, Hue Advanced adds group control and full API functionality (colorloop, alert, etc). No scene support yet, maybe someday but I don’t use scenes.

(Scott Shell) #166

Ever since the latest app update I have been having problems with the Hue Adv Connect devices.

For a short time all but one of the groups returned to normal function but earlier this week my groups stopped working again and additionally the Hue Advanced Bridge is “unavailable” in the SmartThings app.

All my usual automations are working as usual the devices are merely showing as “unavailable” in the app.

If I dismiss the error everything shows in the app correctly which is additionally confusing… and they are reporting actions correctly.

Any thoughts as to what might be going on here?

(Clayton) #167

Well the easy solution is to turn off the device health option in the app, although you may want it on for other devices. It’s strange that it shows last active within 3 minutes, but no state. What does it show in Live Logging?

(Scott Shell) #169

LIve logging shows nothing out of the ordinary and it is reporting correctly.

Turning off device health in the app fixes the “problem” although it is nice for devices that actually aren’t working due to whatever reason.


Was their ever a fix for the white ambiance bulbs? Do you need help debugging?

(Clayton) #171

I definitely would need help debugging, I don’t have any White Ambiance bulbs, and I don’t have SmartThings installed at my new house. I definitely want to get it working though, so anyone who’s up for helping debugging would be appreciated.


Are you finished with Smartthings in general, or just haven’t gotten it setup yet?

But just let me know what you need, and I’ll do my best. No pressure either. Your personal life should certainly trump this hobby.


Is there a way to speed up the colorloop?

(Clayton) #174

Haven’t decided yet, I’m investigating/testing multiple different platforms currently.

In terms of debugging, lets start with what exactly your problem is. I know that there have been a couple different reports from different people and I want to make sure I know exactly what you personally are experiencing. Are you not able to add white ambiance bulbs at all, or can you add them but they aren’t updating, or something else entirely?

Not really, all it does is call the Hue colorloop option in the API, the actual colorlooping is handled by Hue. I could write a colorloop function myself that simulates it but it would likely not work as smoothly/reliably and would be a lot of work for very little gain.

(Robert Linnaeus) #175

Hey Clayton,

Love this DHT, but having some trouble with “Transition to Color” in webcore.

Here’s a snapshot from the logs:
“Executed physical command [lantern].setAdjustedColor([[hex: #DEB887, hue:9, saturation:57, level:70], 60000]) (24ms)”

Would you ever consider adding “set adjusted color” functionality?


(ilker Aktuna) #176


Would it be possible to create a smart app to create programs for hue bulbs as in the smart app for SmartLife LED strips here ?

a program to periodically set colors in an order on a group of hue bulbs ?

(Clayton) #177

setAdjustedColor is implemented. You should see “setAdjustedColor: […]” or “Invalid color input […]” in the logs when it is called. Do you not see those?

(Clayton) #178

From what I can tell, that allows for adjusting the local programming of those controllers. Hue is not a “programmable” device in that you can create programs locally on the bridge. Hue Advanced (Connect) already supports all features provided by the hue bridge, except scenes.

Anyone could make a SmartApp that can use SmartThings to control turning any connected lights on/off/etc. but there are limitations because you’re calling an API from a cloud source, rather than programming the physical controller.

(Robert Linnaeus) #179

Hey Clayton - have you ever tried the Hue Labs? I’ve been told that these are installed on the Hue hub as a virtual device/switch - however, I’ve been unable to ID any of these virtual switches via smartThings.

(Clayton) #180

I have not, there aren’t any Hue Labs functions that I’ve been interested in. Have you tried looking for them by connecting directly to the debug function on the Hue Hub?

(ilker Aktuna) #181

ok. I was asking if you could add such features on the Hue Advanced (a predefined pattern for a group defined on your smart app)

I see that you are not interested , but it would be wonderful.

(Adam Davidson) #182

So Hue have just enabled communication on the Dimmers, Sensors, and Taps, to allow them to be used through HomeKit.

Is there any chance that this updated code might have improved the development API to allow connecting to these accessories in smart things via the Hue Bridge?