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Hue Advanced (Connect)


(Jtotham) #41

Not to worry, I found the bit of code in your link. For reference the missing bit was:

private setupDeviceWatch() {
	def hub = location.hubs[0]
	// Make sure that all child devices are enrolled in device watch
	getChildDevices().each {
		it.sendEvent(name: "DeviceWatch-Enroll", value: "{\"protocol\": \"LAN\", \"scheme\":\"untracked\", \"hubHardwareId\": \"${hub?.hub?.hardwareID}\"}")

I added this to my SmartApp code and was then able to finish the setup.

(Clayton) #42

You’re right, I just pushed an update to the beta branch with the missing method…no idea how that disappeared and how I didn’t catch it because I’m using this in my home and went through the complete removal and re-add that I recommend. Thanks for finding this issue!

(Clayton) #43

I’m not sure what you mean by this, could you explain with more detail?

I have LightStrips, they use the regular bulb handler (in this case the bulb/group handler) and definitely work with this and should work with stock as well. Blooms are LivingColor lights and should also be supported in stock and Hue Advanced (Connect) although I don’t have one to be able to confirm.

(Kavvy) #44

My Hue bloom became completely unresponsive and I had to remove it from ST. Now I cant seem to get it back into ST. Directly connecting, not using a Hue hub.

A bit disappointing as my girls really liked dancing to the color loop

(Clayton) #45

I can’t help you, I’m sorry. I have no experience connecting Hue devices directly through ST, Hue Advanced (Connect) requires the use of the Hue Bridge which is how I’ve always connected my Hue devices.

Last I heard you need to purchase a zigbee remote to unpair or reset any Hue devices that are directly connected and become unresponsive. I would recommend posting in one of the Hue direct connect threads about your issue because you should get more help there.

(Shawn Djernes) #46

OK, we have some lamps (with plug-in module or on an Aeon Smart Power Strip) or ceiling fixtures on Z-wave switches. We did this originally when we had our old controller (Vera Lite), as it was kind of stupid about some things. We have rather random power outages here and we would come home to all the Hue lights being on.

So, what would be cool here is if the “Ready” button when the light was not ready could be set to have an action to turn on a switch.

Maybe with SmartThings I can create some sort of action to check again if everyone is gone and run “Goodbye” again.

I forgot the Bloom was the renamed LivingColor.

(Clayton) #47

I’ll add that to my “to-do” list but I’m not making any promises that I’ll actually implement it. I have to think through how the UI would be in terms of the setup.

You should be able to achieve the behavior you want already using CoRE or your own SmartApp because “reachable” is a device state and therefore can be seen by CoRE and other SmartApps. Also, you could just include the switches in all of the same routines, etc that turn on/off the hue lights and just have them programmed based on the expected behavior. If you expect a switch to be off but it’s really on, and you send an on command, it doesn’t hurt anything.

The biggest issue you’re going to run into with having Hue lights set up like this is that there’s no way of knowing how quickly a device will become reachable when power is returned. So if you want to turn on the light and set a color, you need some delay but there’s no way of knowing how long of a delay. You can listen to the “reachable” state, but the delay will be increased due to delays from the cloud, etc.


I’ve been testing the development branch and found couple things:

  1. I keep getting the following error. No impact on functionality as far as I can tell.
    error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property '3' on null object @ line 1270

  2. The “Circadian Brightness” and “Circadian Color” buttons don’t seem to change when I click them. The logs show the changes (enabled/disabled) but the buttons always indicate “On”.

(Clayton) #49

Can you find any pattern as to when this happens? How often is it happening?[quote=“jpark40, post:48, topic:48868”]
The “Circadian Brightness” and “Circadian Color” buttons don’t seem to change when I click them. The logs show the changes (enabled/disabled) but the buttons always indicate “On”.

When you hit the buttons, do they change to say “Working”? They should immediately switch to saying “Working” until the change is confirmed, then they should reflect the new setting. iOS or Android?


The error message appears anytime I interact with a Hue device. Turning on/off, refresh, color loop, etc. The error message appears under “Hue Advanced Bridge” in Live Logging right after the “debug Parsing…” message (which I believe is line 64 in the Hue Advanced Bridge DTH). Also appears whenever there is an Hub poll/refresh event.

When I hit the button I don’t get “Working”, it just stays “On”. The “Colorloop” button works as expected, changing to “working” when I hit that button before going ON or OFF.

I’m on iOS 10.1.1 with ST app 2.2.2.

(Clayton) #51

I can’t replicate the issue. Do you have the most recent version of the SmartApp and all device handlers? Did you do a completely clean installation of the newest beta version?[quote=“jpark40, post:50, topic:48868”]
When I hit the button I don’t get “Working”, it just stays “On”. The “Colorloop” button works as expected, changing to “working” when I hit that button before going ON or OFF.

I’m on iOS 10.1.1 with ST app 2.2.2.

I don’t have any iOS devices to test with, can anyone else confirm if the Circadian Daylight buttons work properly in iOS?


I didn’t do a clean install but instead just changed the Github branch to the development branch in IDE and upated through that and manually updated the device handlers which had their names changed so Github didn’t update through IDE.

I used Diff Checker to make sure the code where updated properly.

I’ll try the clean install route once I have more time.


(Shawn Djernes) #53

I am liking Hue Advanced so far, but I have either missed something in the instructions or in this topic.

  1. Groups (aka Fictures or Rooms of lights) update very slowly. With this problem I can not use them in things like “Let there be light”.
  2. How do I create a momentary button that will set the color (custom), brightness and other attributes I can not think of right now, for a group? AKA Hue Tap

Thanks for a great interface

(Clayton) #54

When you say that they update slowly, do you mean that they take a long time to respond to commands or that they take a long time to update the state if it’s changed outside of SmartThings? Because groups use the same device handler as regular color bulbs you should see no difference in behavior between groups and individual color bulbs. Are you using the regular branch or development branch?

Are you referring to being able to use Hue Scenes natively, or are you looking for a way to duplicate that functionality solely within SmartThings? If you are looking for the latter, you can create a virtual switch and then use something like CoRE or your own SmartApp to set anything you want in any number of Hue devices when that switch is activated. I believe you can make virtual switches that are momentary.


Reinstalling the Beta fixed the error.

I’m still seeing this issue even after the reinstall.

(Clayton) #56

Hmm, hopefully someone with an iPhone can chime in here and confirm if it is working properly for them or not…it’s very odd that it would work for the colorloop but not the other buttons, they are essentially coded the same.

(Scott Shell) #57

This sounds like the same thing I’ve experienced with the iOS app and I have pushed the buttons in the android app on a fire tablet and they all correctly show the “Working” during the change.

I don’t usually use it so it didn’t/doesn’t bother me much but I agree it is odd since the Colorloop button works as expected.

(Clayton) #58

@jpark40 @scottashell would you guys mind updating the code to the latest version I just pushed? You don’t need to do a complete reinstall or anything like that as long as you were already on the latest version of the development branch. Just a simple code update and publish for the device handlers is fine.

I really have no idea why it things would be working for one tile and not the other, but I made the CD tiles even more similar to the colorloop one in terms of the code so hopefully it fixes it.


(Shawn Djernes) #59

If I turn on the “Living Room” group using a Hue Dimmer (connected to the Hue world), the group takes a while to show as on (up to 10 minutes). Individual lights are generally within a few seconds. How I found this is I created a SmartApp useing the built in “Bright When Dark” at a dimmer level of 30%. I initially used the group, but if I had turned on the light at full from on of my “Hue Dimmers”, then moved in front of the motion sensor it would set the 30% as if the lights were not on.

I am using the branch labeled “Hue Advanced”

The perfect answer would be to copy scenes from Hue as I use iConnectHue to design color schemes.

My next preferred way would be to have some sort of template that I can use and put in RGB / other values from bulbs after I get what I want and then be able to associate a button with it in both the App and in SmartTiles. I don’t mind doing this in the IDE because I don’t change scenes more then 3-4 times a year as I add bulbs.

(Clayton) #60

I’m most likely going to be pushing my development branch to the stable one shortly. I’ve been holding off because it will require everyone who hasn’t already done so to completely remove all lights and bridge before updating the code. It’s a major re-write (mostly upstream changes from SmartThings) and I suspect it will fix the issue you’re having with groups (although I’m positive they were working for me on that branch).

I do plan to add scene support at some point, but I don’t use scenes at all myself so I can’t guarantee when I’ll actually dedicate time to adding them. Like I said, currently you can make a virtual switch and use something like CoRE or your own SmartApp (would be very simple) to set anything you want and the behavior would be exactly like scenes. I haven’t personally used CoRE because I prefer to just write my own SmartApps for everything for the sake of simplicity, execution time, and control, but if you want help writing a SmartApp to accomplish what you’re looking for feel free to DM me and I can get you started.