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With you no longer using SmartThings (and no appropriate way to test between ST and webCoRE), is it possible to find a community developer that you can throw the SmartApp over to that could look into the issues people are experiencing and is willing to maintain it moving forward? :slight_smile:

(Clayton) #226

I’m still hoping to be able to continue support to some level, but anyone in free to submit pull requests.

(Alex) #227

same here…

(Working on a secret project, are we, sir?) #228

Will not find my Hue Bridge. Can’t even add it via the IP.


Same here. It seems like the bulbs do not reflect the status of the actual hue bulbs if any commands are issued from the hue.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #230

There is a delay (longer with Hub V1 than Hub V2); but status should eventually update).

(Richard Peng) #231

I’m trying this out for the circadian daylight feature and want to know if disabling CD for a group will be sufficient to disable the feature for the bulbs in that group. I see that there’s a toggle for the group and each individual bulb. Do I need to disable the feature for both the group and the individual bulbs?

(Clayton) #232

If you have a group and the individual bulbs both added in SmartThings then you would need to disable in both places.

(Richard Peng) #233

That makes sense. Do I need to install the Circadian Daylight Coordinator for the integration to work?

(Clayton) #234

Yes, the coordinator and child, and set up the coordinator and at least one child instance.

(Richard Peng) #235

Great! It seems to be working. How often does the app update the brightness and color temperature?

I’ve noticed that the circadian settings automatically disable when I manually change a light and I have to re-enable the setting manually in the app, which can get annoying since the rest of my setup is controlled automatically or through Alexa. Is there a way to automatically re-enable those settings when the light is power cycled or the mode changes from a mode where CD is disabled to a mode where CD is enabled?

Also, would I put my Hue color bulbs under color bulbs or color temperature bulbs? I’m assuming color bulbs. Thanks for the replies! I appreciate the feedback and am looking forward to seeing this work.

(Clayton) #236

Every 15 minutes the lights should be adjusted. In my experience it’s pretty much unnoticeable.

Yes, if you manually adjust a light it disables CD. It would be impossible for me to write logic or options for automatically re-enabling that would work for everyones needs so my suggestion would be to use another SmartApp (CORE, etc.) to handle the logic for re-enabling CD.

The order of “preference” is Color Temperature>Color>Brightness. Even though Hue Color lights have the capability to do color, for the purposes of CD color temperature is more efficient/accurate. Some color lights don’t have the ability to take in a color temperature value so they can be set with RGB to mimic the desired color temperature.

(Richard Peng) #237

Makes sense. This piston does the trick for me:

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve switched back to using color temperature for my hue color lights.

(George Shu) #238

Have you had any luck with this? I believe I’m having the same issue

(Pedaars) #239

I am getting an error when trying to set this up in the smartthings app i get to the end and click save and receive a banner that an unexpected error has occured. I have removed my hue devices and followed the instructions to install.

With live logging I can see the following error Access is denied @line -1 (doCall)

(ilker Aktuna) #240


I remember that I was able to change the transition time of each bulb separately. For a long time I didn’t need this feature. But I just added 2 new bulbs and I want to set them to 1sec. transition as all of my other bulbs.
I couldn’t find how it was possible. Can anyone tell me please ?
Also, what is the Colormode ? (it is set to xy on all of my bulbs except one which is hs, I want to make it identical)

(ilker Aktuna) #241

I’D appreciate a reply…