Hue Advanced (Connect)



16 million colors isn’t good enough? :slight_smile:

What does the extended API include that it didn’t previously have? I ask this because I also use (Android) Hue Thunderstorm (app that plays rain, thunder and shifts color of lights to the sound of the rain, thunder and lightning) and Hue Disco which already coordinates lights and color to music (through the mic).

This new Entertainment area was released in the Hue App a couple of days ago. It currently has one partner “Razer” that it integrates with. You setup the Entertainment area first and then you go and tie that set of lights / room to the application, Razer.

Not a gamer, so Chroma not an option.

Just signed up for the Synapse 3 Beta. See when that becomes available. :slight_smile:

(Clayton) #204

I know that sensors have been added to the API, but I’m curious what other API changes you’re referring to. In terms of speed, any current delays are almost definitely from the SmartThings platform end, so I doubt that any improvements from the Hue side would be noticeable in Hue Advanced.

(Clayton) #205

To start out the best thing to do would be to have Live Logging open while trying to set up Hue Advanced (Connect). There should be an error logged at the same time you see the banner in the mobile app.

(ilker Aktuna) #206

I don’t know. But they advertise it like its a huge change. And it seems that the lights will be able to adapt changes in movies. So it must really be quicker than current (normal) implementation.


I’m thinking that they are now exposing it from the inside out, instead of outside in like these other existing apps I mentioned above. In other words, eating their own dog food. :slight_smile:


Did you figure it out? Wrong shard? Login to and you will avoid those problems

(Wyatt Smith) #210

Yes, It was my error I didnt publish the Smart App but published the Device Handler. Im stupid.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile:

(Craig McFarlane) #212

Hello. Firstly thanks for your work on this. It looks fantastic.

I do have an issue. I have installed the app and everything looks great. On the app I configure everything and right at the last moment when I click on Save I get the message.

deviceNetworkId must be unique.

Any ideas?

(Craig McFarlane) #213

Just seen this for my issue as well. Thanks


Hi Clayton, thanks for all your work on this app. I have been very excited to dig into it. Like some others here i am using these lights with my webcore instance. I was curious if there is someplace you could point me to where I could read what all the functions are that are exposed to webcore. For instance when I select a hue bulb in my piston I am given options like “toggle” and "ct_inc(…)"
Instead of flooding this board I was hoping you might have a resource you could point to that would provide an explanation of these functions?

Thanks again for all your hard work.

(Clayton) #215

Basically, all Hue API functions were implemented. There many be some new stuff not yet implemented (I haven’t had time to work on this in a while) but the best resource would be the Hue API:

(Brian Renstrom) #216

Would Hue Advanced allow me to dynamically change a bulb’s transition time from webcore? I want to have a bulb change from green to red over 10 seconds smoothly. Then after that, change from red to blue over 5 seconds. Etc.

(Clayton) #217

I’ve not used webcore but if I’m not mistaken it can make calls directly to a device’s methods. Assuming that’s the case, Hue Advanced does allow you to pass a transition time into any (applicable) calls.

(Jane) #218

@Brian_Renstrom yes you can do transition time in webCoRE.

(David) #220

I’ve installed the smartapp and have encoutered a problem. I use Webcore to watch the status of my hue bulbs. When one is 100% I run the piston again, assuming accidental use of my regular physical old switch.

With Hue advanced Connect, the level doesn’t sync in the device handler when a bulb had a poweroutage and reconnects with level 100%, making my pistons not run. The stock app worked flawless and always synced within 2-10 seconds.

Since the app is “close to stock”, I hope there is an easy fix? Because the smartapp refuses to uninstall.

(Alex) #221

Hi all i am seeing this error in my logs any ideas ?
warn Received fatal alert: protocol_version

all seems to be working ok but not sure what the issue is

(Clayton) #222

It is close to stock, but I’m sure there have been many upstream changes that have occurred since my last update. When I get some free time I hope to get this updated but I have no timeline for that currently.

(Clayton) #223

I’m no longer using SmartThings so I’m not sure if there was a platform update or something else causing this. Are other’s seeing this also?

(Blair Pollard) #224

App seems to do exactly what I wanted but if I turn the bulb on via the hue app or a hue dimmer smarththings still reports the bulb as off which stops other things from working.