HubSoapAction/SendHubCommand documented anywhere?

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I’m trying to write an app that will enable and disable the alarm built into Sonos with the toggle of a virtual switch. I’ve had good luck retrieving existing alarms and mixed success setting the first alarm, bug anything past the first alarm the HubSoapAction (or probably more likely sendHubcommand) seems to be chopping off my requests at what seems like a consistent 697 characters. The fact that I have at a couple of points successfully enabled or disabled the alarm means it seems to accept the appropriate field size with one pass, but subsequent passes overflow some buffer or something. Is there something I can do to flush the state for these requests or otherwise accept more data?

I’ve been able to see that I’m passing the right info into the sendHubCommand, but that never hits the wire and of course the Sonos errors out on an incomplete request.


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@Ben, @tslagle13

Guys… Sorry to tag you directly, but I’m not sure where to go now and if you don’t know I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction. I put a call into support and they won’t help with custom apps at all, which I guess I understand. Could be a very slippery slope. At the end of the day I can pass a string to the sendhubcommand function, but when that request hits the wire its truncated (or badly fragmented) rather consistently. Since I have no visibility into this function, I’m wondering if I’ve stumbled on a bug that could use some attention or if I can somehow treat this differently to get more reliable results.