Hubs power consumption (v2 and v3) - need information

Been waiting weeks for email support to get back to me on this question to no avail - does anyone know the answer?

I need the power consumption figure for the hub (in Watts). I presume it should be small, but I need the actual number to size up the UPS I would need.

I want this spec for both v2 and v3 hubs. The power consumption is not published in the online specs.

If there is no published spec, I wonder if anyone has connected the hub to a power-monitoring smart plug and measured the actual usage.

(I’m migrating from IRIS and need to choose the hub version to buy. This spec is critical to me)

It’s very small, the V2 hub has support for backup batteries and they are 4 AA’s so power usage is in the milliwatt range. As far as a UPS is concerned it’s as statistically insignificant as adding a mouse and keyboard to a PC.

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Thanks, but milliwatts could not be accurate. I need to know how much it draws in the DC input jack. Adequate power consumption should be in the range from 1-3 watts (IRIS hub was about 1.5W). Can someone provide a definitive number (either from specs, or measured)

I was looking for the same information and this thread popped up. I connected my V2 hub to a watt meter and it shows 1.4 watts

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What about V3? Any measurements?