Hubitat integration

So my goal is to use both hubs, I know in general it’s possible, but I just want to make sure it will work together exactly how I want. My reasoning is I am beyond fed up of the delay of a lot of the automation and sensing that takes place with smartthings.

The only reason as of now that I am even contemplating keeping smartthings is for the mobile app. So my goal is to A/ let hubitat be the brain of everything but B/ still be able to control my devices through the smartthings app.

Is this possible?

Yes. But It’s going to create a lot of overhead in Hubitat. Also, you will have to recreate all your devices in ST. You will only be able to use the Classic app. I don’t know what they are going to do about integrating with the new app. You should take a look at the HE forum before switching.

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It’s possible, but it’s a question best asked in the Hubitat forum, they have some smartapps over there that make it possible.

That said, if all you need is an app, have you looked at SharpTools? They have a Hubitat version. Because running both hubs will definitely add lag.

Discussion thread:

This dual hub strategy has been working for me and allows one to have best of both home automation worlds:

1 . Local fast processing for selected devices handled by the Hubistat hub
2. Optimal fast cloud processing & WebCore functionality for those devices/apps handled in SMartThings.
3. Additional home automation redundancy

The HubConnect app allows Hubistat to synchronize multiple hubs for a distance/remote location solution.

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I am also running both systems with HubConnect but finding less and less need for SmartThings as I familiarize myself with Hubitat.
Something interesting I found out is the SmartThings Hub can also be paired as a 2nd controller on the Z-Wave network.
Basically Z-Wave devices can be controlled from either Hubitat or SmartThings. Locks and Garage Doors are the only devices I have noticed that do not function correctly.

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GSR, this is essentially exactly what I wanted to know. This means I can use the the smartthings mobile app correct? And at worse case, I guess use the sharptools.

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Yes, my devices are connected to Hubitat but I can control and/or use automations in SmartThings App.

You can even use externally connected services that only available to SmartThings such as ActionTiles.

Hubitat to SmartThings and then SmartThings to ActionTiles.


I have both Hubs, and use them that way.
The strange (surprising) feature is that the lag is minimal (sorry @JDRoberts).
The reason for the lack of lag is the speed of the ethernet connection versus the speed of the zwave radio.

So, let me give you an example, in detail.
I have a server Hubitat hub (which contains all of the rules, and a copy of the original devices), and a remote Hubitat hub (which contains the original devices). I also have a remote SmartThings hub (which contains a copy of the devices from the server hub).
On my SmartThings mobile app, I can turn on a light by using the mobile app, and there will be little if no lag. The speed of turning on/off is not appreciably different than if the device was actually on the SmartThings Hub.


A few questions if I may. Long time smartthings user, new HE. I used hubconnect to set up the HE as the server and the ST has the remote. Things are working fine. I need to keep the ST hub up and running to keep peace in the household for a couple of things, like door locks and garage doors. If I have a device in HE, can you access it in ST as a single device or does it have to be thru automations? Almost all of our lights are accessed via Alexa. I’m trying to determine exactly what my wife uses ST for, again I think it’s door locks in garage doors. I don’t wanna switch everything until the time where HE has a dashboard that’s accessible faster, not with multiple clicks on the app. And I have not yet looked at adding my garage doors or door locks to HE. Thanks.

Yes, each device in HE can be accessed independently in ST.

I want to make sure I asked the question correctly. If I set up a device in HE that is not set up and smart things, how do I access that device in smartthings

It depends on the specific device… however, in general, if you set up a device on Hubitat, that cannot also be connected to SmartThings at the same time via a Cloud or LAN connection (e.g. Z-Wave or Zigbee can only be paired to either ST or Hubitat, not both at the same time), then you can use the community created “HubConnect” integration. This allows ST devices to be mirrored to Hubitat as virtual devices, and vice versa.

Also, you can use Hubitat Dashboards without having to use the Hubitat mobile app. You can save a link to a Hubitat cloud dashboard as a desktop shortcut on iOS and Android.

These questions are probably best posted on the Hubitat Community Forum. You’ll get answers from plenty of ST/Hubitat users that have integrated both systems for the best of both worlds.