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Hubitat Elevation Hub - Home Automation that is local

Can’t wait to get my Hubitat today. Going to be a fun weekend.

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If you open Live Logging in the SmartThings IDE and go into the Other Hub Device Viewer SmartApp and open the"Dashboard Settings" it writes the full url to Live Logging.

You should be able to copy that entire url and paste it into that url setting of the Other Hub Event Pusher App in Hubitat. I’m on shard 1 so I’m not sure if that will work for the other ones…

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@krlaframboise any chance of you porting over the Zooz Powerstrip to Hubatit?

How difficult is it to migrate custom apis? I’m not a programmer by any means, so that’s my reservation for migrating to Hubitat. I currently have mi temperature humidity sensors, yeelight light strip, non pro lutron caseta hub, sinope line voltage thermostats, nanoleaf led panels and a few wifi smart plugs that don’t seem to have an api yet but i can just set schedules for them and not worry about it.

Sorry, I was looking for it in the list. Found it now. Thanks.

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I use that for my entertainment center which I use in a bunch of my automations so I haven’t attempted to move that one or my Remotec IR Receiver yet.

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@natec007 Any plan to release something that will work with Hubitat for the first Gen Spruce irrigation controller?

@krlaframboise I appreciated you getting back to me and I’m a fan of you work. Thanks

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Yep, that worked! Thank you!



And now I have successful two-way communications working between an ESP8266 running ST_Anything and my new Hubitat Elevation hub. “Hubduino” is born! :wink:

This will require rethinking the implementation on the Hubitat side of things as composite DTHs are not currently supported (but are on the roadmap!)


Now I’m really tempted to resell the smartthings V2 hub i just ordered and grab one of these instead. My shield tv (without the link) is my current hub but doesn’t support zigbee or zwave without the link.

I just bought one and am pretty excited to play with it.

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This is also nice:

Hubitat supports multiple Lutron bridges!

Both HomeKit and the official smartthings/Lutron integration will only support one Lutron bridge.

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Hi everybody… just installed it today and working on adding a few devices. It will be gradual because you have to unpair from ST to pair to Hubitat. With that said so far my first few devices work great. I will add just enough to support the adaption of HousePanel over to work with the Hubitat system. Stay tuned!


Hi guys… author of HP here. Thought I would demystify the linkage between HP and Patrick and Hubitat. Patrick and I met online and agreed to move HP over to open-dash because he was moving on to a new project - which at the time I didn’t know what Hubitat. HP is now the primary dashboard for open-dash. I’m now working on porting HP to work with Hubitat but it’s still very early days. I literally unboxed by hubitat hub today. I’m excited about the idea of having HP be a front end for Hubitat. With both running local it should be screaming fast and super slick.


Do st branded devices work with hubitat? Example. Multipurpose sensor, motion,…

Alright, I went ahead and ordered my Hubitat. Now to see how long it takes to ship to Canada. :slight_smile:

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1st gen Muiltisensor (the one that uses AAAA batteries) and the 1st gen Motion Detector (the one that supports USB power or batteries) do NOT work. Also, I do not believe any of the Zigbee Presence sensors (key fobs) are currently working.

Per the Hubitat engineers, those devices are using some sort of proprietary zigbee protocol.

No, they aren’t. I believe They are both certified ZHA devices.

The issue with the presence sensors is that presence is not determined by the zigbee part of the device. It’s done in the cloud with SmartThings.

All the presence sensor itself does is check in every 30 seconds. Literally that’s all it does. That checkin should still work.

In SmartThings what happens is that the cloud keeps track of how long it has been since the device last checked in and eventually marks it as away in your cloud account.

With the first generation motion sensor, the cloud piece was the one that figured out with that shifted from battery power to mains power and back. Similar kind of situation.

So there are lots of reasons why hubitat might not yet have similar functionality, but don’t blame it on the protocol. :wink:


JD - Sorry for any confusion, but I meant that the 1st Gen Motion and Multisensor were the devices that aren’t using standard zigbee, not the presence sensors. Although, the presence sensor you linked is definitely one of the newer ones, not the original one.

I do not see any of the original 1st gen ST devices listed on the site you mentioned.

I would be thrilled to learn that they are ZHA compliant, as that would mean that they could be made to work!