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Hubitat Elevation Hub - Home Automation that is local

(Gonzalo Parra) #761

For those of you like me waiting on Google Assistant integration for Hubitat, it went live today!

These guys are really moving at a fast pace, support for more and more devices gets added all the time. I’ll start playing with it and testing my migration in a couple of weeks once I have received my hub and get some free time…

EDIT: This seems to be a BETA release so things may change but they will officially release soon…


(Lighty) #762

Not true!

I really think the Admins or Moderators of this Forum would delete all threads like this. This is not a place for Hubitat to brag! They have a lot of issues and I quite frankly find it ridiculous, that it is allowed. Obviously no one on this forum seems to care.

On another not, I have liked how the Hub V2 has been coming more and more with Local. I now only have a few devices that are cloud out of 278. Those same device are now local on Hubitat and I don’t think they will ever be local.

Local operation of my devices is fine, people brag about how Hubitat is Local. Well folks so is Smartthings…


(Dan) #763

Terry’s comment was 100% true, actually. As he stated, there are only 2 SmartApps that have ever run locally on the ST v2+ Hub, Smart Lighting & some portions of Smart Home Monitor. That’s it. While your device handlers may run locally, that doesn’t really make much of a difference unless the apps also can run locally. If you use webCoRE, for example, all of your pistons run in the ST Cloud. If all of your automations can be handled by Smart Lighting, then you’re all set. If not, you’re dependent on the ST Cloud and your internet connection.

I am pleased to see some progress by the ST team to add more local device handlers. However, I haven’t seen hardly any progress on adding apps to run locally. When the v2 hub was announced and released, the promise was for local processing, even of custom code. It is apparent, 2-3 years later, that this will never happen, and a migration tool will never be delivered. So, it should come as no surprise that Hubitat has come into existence. As they say, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention!” :slightly_smiling_face: I still run my ST hub for a few things and I enjoy this community. My Hubitat hub has been running since February without any unplanned downtime events. I also enjoy their community.

Remember, options are good. And, competition is necessary to keep companies on their toes!


(Kevin) #764

I’m pretty sure no one at Hubitat has ever posted to this topic…


(Michael) #765

If you prefer not to be bothered by this thread, you can mute it and you will never see it in your list.


(jkp) #766

(Bob Kerr) #767

Thinking of trying this out, how is life with Hubitat? Is it that much better? Reading some topics in their community, seems like there are some hardware troubles popping here and there.


(Mark) #768

I’m loving the local integration with Lutron, which uses Telnet. Well worth having to purchase a Lutron Pro bridge, I had a non-pro bridge that I used with the cloud-based ST integration.

I haven’t personally run into any major issues with the hub being slow, unstable, etc. The most vocal complaints of such issues seem to frequently be related to the use of webcore.

Hubitat staff have taken the position that they cannot support or tailor their development priorities towards a community add-on that was created for another home automation hub.

I believe that is a reasonable position for them to take.


(Bryan) #769

Absolutely the best system I’ve used. I was a HomeSeer user for 10 years (left for lack of zigbee and simply to try/see what else was out there), then a ST user for about a year and half… now a very happy Hubitat user.

Local control of all my lights and devices including Lutron and IR. No more, ‘oh the internet is acting up, just wait it’ll work later.’ :wink: Best part is actually having someone with the power to fix an issue answer your questions! No more, ‘I’ll pass it along’.

As mentioned above, the ONLY issue is with webCore (not with the Hub). It is not supported or recommended. But with the advances with Rule Machine, I don’t miss it at all. If you can’t figure out how to do something, Bruce is always willing to walk you through it or add in the missing function.


(Chris) #770

I am loving mine. Local control has been dead-on reliable…everything works, instantly, every time. The support staff is great, super responsive. A few minor bugs have popped up in different apps, but being a young platform this is to be expected. Support squashes those bugs quickly.


(Gonzalo Parra) #771

Really happy with mine too and actually mad at myself for not switching before.

Are there problems? Sure, as with anything but you can see significant advance and improvement with every upgrade. And what’s best you can see the community impact on those changes, I started using it two weeks ago and I’m already responsible for a change in the latest firmware and a couple more that should be included soon…

Also, so much more stable!!!



How do you create your own custom device drivers, and/or apps? I’m thinking about trying this, but I have a couple devices like water meters, that would need a driver.


(Arn B) #773

Much of ST Groovy will function on Hubitat, but it needs some adjustment.


(Mark) #774

Decided to make the jump to Hubitat.

I’m not happy with the speed of Smartthings, it’s so inconsistent, I’m hoping Hubitat will fix it once and for all.


(Chris) #775

You will be happy with the change :slight_smile:


(Mike Zulu Foxtrot) #776

Smarthings V3 HUB now runs local with the exception of Lifx… This is big step for ST ?



No, it doesn’t. :disappointed_relieved: You may have been understandably confused by the example given in the supportbase article about local processing, which gives the LIFX bulbs as an example of something which doesn’t run locally.

But while there are now a significant number of stock Device type handlers which can run locally (and the same ones can run locally on the V2 hub, btw), No custom smartapps run locally, no custom DTHs run locally, webcore does not run locally, modes do not change locally, routines do not run locally, smart home monitor cannot be armed or disarmed locally except for the ADT model, and the phone app cannot communicate locally with the hub.

The only code which does run locally is the official smart lights feature (and then only if all of the devices are eligible to run locally) and some parts of the official smart home monitor.

Some preconfigured automations can run locally.
Manual, on-demand control of a device or SmartApp through the SmartThings mobile app always requires an internet connection to the cloud and cannot be performed locally.

All notifications, including those from smart home manager, cannot run locally, again with the exception of some features of the ADT system.

Smartthings remains primarily a cloud-based system.

You can verify what runs locally on your own account by checking the IDE.


(jkp) #778

FYI, the HE hub did lose the ability to control Logitech Harmony locally via an API after Logitech released a firmware update this week

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(Mike Zulu Foxtrot) #779

Right, so i checked/verified that on a friends system, and all of the switches/outlets/ST devices run locally with the exception of lifx.


(Chris) #780

It never had that ability to begin with. Nothing to lose.