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I think I will try and pair my new aqara water sensors as a first test device… get on the headache head on.

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Be sure to read through the Xiaomi thread. Choosing the correct Zigbee channel from the get go will save you a lot of headaches. I don’t use Xiaomi devices personally, but others do.

I use Zigbee channel 20 as it works very well with older ST devices. I even have my old ThingShields working.


Not a single drop since installed in April. Pairing all your Xiaomis first is probably the best the best way to do it. You won’t be fighting incompatible repeating devices as you start building your mesh.

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I just ordered. New toys!

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So a quick question, dumb as it may be, can the Hubitat run parallel with ST during the transition? By that I mean setup the Hubitat by adding devices but not using it to actually run or trigger anything, while ST continues in it’s usual fashion? Just asking here because I’m asking about ST and H’tat both. I won’t try to turn ST forum into a H’tat site.

(Dan) #741

Devices can only be paired to one hub at a time. However, Hubitat offers some tools to allow ST physical devices to show up in Hubitat as virtual devices. The data flow is one way, though…from ST to Hubitat.

Here is some more information regarding your question

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Thanks muchly!

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Although a device can only be paired to one Hub at a time, you can pair a device in HE and have that device show up in ST just like any other device. That integration is called OtherHub.

You have 2 way communication both in HE and ST. Your rules can be in HE or ST.

Works really great! Even Virtual Switches can be shown in ST!

@rudyinDana already explained from ST to HE which is only 1 way.

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Understood. Proceedingly fearlessy but cautiously…when possible!

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Just noticed the price is $99.95 USD. not sure how long that price will be available.

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I have been watching HE, I have 274 devices now and I see they do not support 4 Kwikset 914 Zigbee Locks, 9 GE Z-Wave + Motion and 3 Harmony Hubs in my home. All work great on ST and I have noticed, most now run local. May as well stay with ST since it isn’t broke, why fix it?

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I just like kicking the table over once in a while. I received a Hubitat Hub Friday, and yesterday afternoon after switching (only) 60+ devices to Hubitat Elevate, I put my Smartthings V2 in the closet, disconnected but still loved and appreciated. I have things to sort out for details, but every single device I own, a few listed as unsupported, works flawlessly. I used to get frustrated with some strange things that happened with ST, but I think it is (is!) a great platform. To me…it seemed a Sword of Damocles. If I had to switch back, I would. So far HE is fun.


Pairing the xiaomi leak sensors was pretty painless (4 of them), they even report every 50 or so minutes. Wow lol. Looking good already, I’m gonna keep an eye on them for a week and toss them into their dark permanent locations after the trial period.

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How far away to people think a native iOS app for Hubitat is?

I’ve seen a few mentions of it on their forums but I don’t read them enough to catch every little bit of info.

If they can get that done, and the Alexa skill into Australian amazon accounts, I’ll be there like a shot! There are too many interesting Zwave devices here that I can’t use with my US ST hub…

(Dan) #750

What feature in particular are you waiting on the iOS App for? When they do deliver it, it will provide three functions:

  1. Mobile Presence
  2. Dashboard Access
  3. Push Notifications

All three of these can be done today, using Hubitat supported features.

  1. Life360 for Mobile presence
  2. Hubitat Dashboards can be saved as iOS App links
  3. Pushover provides excellent Push notification support

As for Australian Alexa Skill Support, I know the Alexa Skill is now available in the US and UK. I don’t when when Australia will be ready. However, you can use Hubitat’s Alexa App integration while you wait. This was Hubitat’s original Alexa integration which allows Alexa to discover the Hubitat hub as a lan based Hue Hub. The features of this early integration are a little limited, but it does work for basic voice control.

So there you go…all reasons for you to wait have been addressed! :wink: Now go place that order while the hub is still on sale! :slight_smile:

(MacTechGenius) #751

I have been using Hubitat at the new place for a few days. Here are my suggestions so far (I have only integrated a few sensors so far)

  • Support August Lock - August states that it is connected (via Z-Wave) but Hubitat doesn’t detect it.

  • Rule Machine - is it possible to create a condition when a mode changes to home? Currently I can only do when mode is home.

  • Are they any documents on the Iris Keypad integration? Still trying to figure out the setup (and I setup a custom monitoring to notify me if a door was left open but I don’t want the keypad to disarm that or water detection). I only want the keypad to disarm the intrusion detection.

  • Is there a “somebody knocked on your door” equivalent? We have that SmartApp in ST.

(Dan) #752

Please post Hubitat specific usage/support questions in the Hubitat forum. You’ll get much better support there.

(Paul) #753

Thank you Dan for your helpful reply.

I’ve just downloaded Life360 on our iOS devices so I can see how well it works. ST’s presence detections has been good lately but ironically this morning I noticed my wife “never came home” yesterday…

I have just ordered a Raspberry Pi Zero W to run homebridge on and to experiment with OmniThing, so I now have a project to work on for the moment :wink:

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Can anyone tell me if its possible to something like this webcore command (http post):

(jkp) #755

you should post your question on the webcore forum