Hubaction response/return being consumed by other apps

Hi all,my code is here

It seems the responses to my app are being picked up by other applications, including hue and Samsung (connect) .

Am I doing something wrong in my code?

Many thanks

1st thing to check is the Device Network ID. Check your device in the IDE and make sure the DNI is being set correctly. That’s how ST knows which device to route the response to

Thanks @kevintierney.

I was attempting to manage responses in the app, it was more suited to manage is the device.

Can i use any device id as log as its consistent?

I’m currently using IP:PORT in hex, but wondered if that matters?

All SmartApps that subscribe to location events and disable filtering will receive all hub events. It’s up to the app then to handle events based on the IP address, MAC address, etc.

I have a Kodi SmartApp/Device type in development that I’ll be releasing soon… I’d be happy to share an early release with you if you want to help test?

The version I’m working on has automatic discovery of Kodi devices on the network and real event subscription from Kodi (rather than polling or requiring a third party plugin to push data to SmartThings).

Hi Joshua

I’d love to see that, how have you managed that? I didn’t thing web sockets were allowed?

You have me excited!

UPnP for discovery and eventing. I still need to clean up the subscription logic to keep the subscription active without overlaps. Let me move the github project and I’ll share it.