Hubaction response -> description ->index:01

(Serge Sozonoff) #1

Hi All,

In the description {…} block for a hubaction response.

Does anyone know what the index:01 is supposed to represent as it never seems to change no matter how many hubaction requests I send.

Secondly does anyone know if there are other options accepted by hubaction.options since none seem to be documented and I have already seen people using outputMsgToS3:true which seems to be documented nowhere ?

I would be looking for an option to tag the requests in order to reconcile the responses…


(Adam Lanners) #2

Hi Serge,

The index is simply the socket index used on the hub. Unless you are sending lots of lan requests simultaneously you likely won’t see other indexes showing up. For the most part you can ignore this value.

HubAction options are limited to outputMsgToS3 and type. OutputMsgToS3 is used as a temporary bucket for bytes with a pointer being sent back with the location. Type is used to select the type of lan request to make. These are limited to:

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #3

So does that type imply that udp socket can be opened?

(Kristopher Kubicki) #4

Yeah this is pretty sweet. Opening a UDP or a TCP socket seems pretty useful