Hub Ver 2.0 performance

To all the lucky guys with Hub 2.0, can we have here your observations, remarks and feedback concerning the hub performance, speed, delay, local processing or any differences you may have noticed compared to hub 1.0.

I dont notice any difference between hub v1 and v2, once local processing gets opened up to more than 1 smartapp controlling a handful of smart devices… that may change.

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After about a week, I would say it is marginally better.

Initially, I was seeing much better response time on cloud based apps (around 1 second for V2 compared to 1-3 seconds for V1). It has now balanced out to 1-2 seconds for V2; still better but not a huge improvement.

The local processing (in the few places I can apply) has been much better. In the Big Switch configuration, the response time is half a second or less. I also have my outdoor lights running locally with on/off at sunset/sunrise with zero issues over the last week (to be fair I wasn’t having much issues with V1 either).

I haven’t noticed a difference. Even with the one SmartApp that’s permitted to run locally, the delay doesn’t seem any different.

I’ve noticed that with Smart Lighting running local, the lags seem to be less. Those devices using Smart Lighting do seem more responsive. I wish they would allow other apps to run local too.

It seems to be slightly faster to me, but what is most noticeable it seems to be much more stable. With V1 sometimes bulbs would just drop off (GE link) and I would have to constantly repair - so far with V2 it has only happened once and it may have been my fault. Overall it seems better to me, more stable and of course the app is much better (although that is also part of V1).

I have not noticed a difference. Most of my automation is running with, so there is still a round trip with the server. I’ve been happy with SmartThings performance for a while now though, so that is fine. Personally I believe in the cloud model. I think local processing has been accepted in the community as a magic cure for all kinds of problems that aren’t realistic. Things are good!

Lights (GE Link bulbs) seems more consistent speed-wise. But my lock stopped responding tonight and that never happened before. I’ll troubleshoot tomorrow, and it may be unrelated to the hub, but a new issue nonetheless.

Hue bulbs seem to work 100% when responding to events. I’ve only been running the hub for a day but haven’t run across any of the Hue lighting issues of the first gen (not all bulbs turning on/off).

I was using HamBridge on my mac server to perform Hue actions… i might be able to ditch it now.